Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five Minute Man by Abbie Zanders | Review

Five Minute Man
by Abbie Zanders

"I WRITE sex, Liz. I don't HAVE it."
Holly McTierney is a romance writer with zero romance in her life. She dreams of a man who can sweep her off her feet... and give her an orgasm in five minutes flat. However, after hitting the big 3-0 this year, she just wants a guy to snuggle up for a movie and some Chinese takeout.

Or maybe just a man who'll call her back. Sigh...

Adam Grayson works hard on his renovation business - too hard to have any time for dating. Years of construction have given him a rugged look that women can't help but notice, but he never seems to notice them back. Apart from a crazy ex who makes any excuse to run into him, it had been years since he had held a conversation with a woman for more than five minutes. However, his matchmaker nephew has a plan to change all that.

Holly and Adam are perfect for each other, but Adam's ex will stop at nothing to keep them apart. When she gets her claws back into Adam, will Holly let him go? Or can he prove to her that he really is her five minute man

I want one!  End of review?  Nah, I'll tell you more.

Holly is almost thirty and her family is hounding her about her biological clock and not being married.  She has purposely moved an hour away from them for peace and quiet.  She writes erotic romance novels... and thinks a 5 minute orgasm is a myth.

Now here is Adam.  He is the quiet kind.  He really does not want the one-night-stands anymore.  He is in his mid thirties and keeps hoping he will find a simple, uncomplicated, smart girl that will blow his socks off.

They are perfect for each other aren't they? Varabing, Varaboom!  They meet, they crash into each other, he helps her with a flat tire, one thing leads to the other and... HEY!  You will just have to read about this.  It is HOT, sexy, passionate, and let us say that Holly has now done her thorough research regarding a 5 minute orgasm.

Not everything runs smooth.  The mistakes of his past come to haunt them both, lives are at stake, and a dog comes to the rescue.  Wait!  I forgot to tell you, Max is a husky and he is in charge of protection.

I absolute loved this book.  This is the book you need to read to smile, laugh, de-stress, and get your "motor " running.  The writing is top notch and these are adorable characters... plus one more character you will hate and want to smack.

About the Author
Abbie Zanders was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA. With degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, she has worked for more than twenty-five years as a software engineer, designing and writing financial applications, though she has also held second jobs as a deli clerk, pub waitress, restaurant baker, and secretary. She has been crafting stories since elementary school, though she has only recently decided to start sharing them with others. She is a very busy wife, mother of three teenagers (including a set of identical twins). Besides being an avid reader and writer, she also loves animals (especially big dogs), classic muscle cars, and 80's hair bands.

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