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The Unexpected Trilogy Bundle ( Books #1-2-3) by Amity Cross Review

The Unexpected Trilogy Bundle
( Books #1-2-3)

by Amity Cross

The ENTIRE Unexpected Trilogy is now available in one edition.


Blair is looking for an escape.
West is looking for a connection.

One down and out woman. One isolated rock star. Life at the top is lonely, but so is life at the bottom.
Blair is just looking for someone to take the edge off her crappy life. Dull the pain, breathe a little life into her neglected body. A chance meeting at a bar leads to a night of passion. No names, no personal details. Just sex.
Well, it wasn't personal until she sees the guy standing on a stage ten meters in front of her. How the hell didn't she realize that the guy who blew her mind is the guitarist out of that dirty rock'n'roll band, Affliction? And why is he chasing her down the street? And how does he know her name?
Sometimes you find the things you didn't even know you were looking for in the most unexpected places.


Warning: This book is EROTIC ROMANCE and contains a lot of descriptive sex, strong language, lickable rock stars and one a** kicking female lead.

This edition combines the entire trilogy:
Unexpected #1
Unexplainable #2
Unintended #3

Undeniable #4 is a stand alone companion story featuring Joe - Releasing June 3rd 2014

 This is a rock 'n roll story with an edge. Our main characters are damaged either by addiction or a horrific past. Looking for an escape or an anchor to life, they meet for one night stand. Little did they realize that one night would change their lives forever.

Reading this trilogy made me realize how brittle we are when we are in our early twenties. For someone like Jake West, hitting big as the lead singer of Affliction, is more than he can handle. It sounds like an "already told" story but this one is different. How? Our author is able to bring us face to face with the emotions that rule and drive West to almost destruction. When he meets Blair, she becomes his salvation. Or does she?

Blair has had a horrific past, including witnessing the domestic abuse of her mother by her father. Although they are no longer alive, Blair is alone and errant in the wind. There is no anchor, no purpose and apparently no future. Dead end job, no skills to speak of, she is smart but with no means to better herself so she can at least pay her bills.

I love rock 'n roll stories. This one hit home because it made me part of the struggle our two characters go through in seeking a better future. Rock on!

About this author

Amity Cross isn’t my real name. That’s no secret.
I didn’t want my Mum and my workplace to find out I wrote about doodles and tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo.
I live in a leafy suburb of Melbourne writing about screwed up relationships and kick ass female leads that don’t take s**t lying down.
Insert more pretentious c**p here.

Unexpected is the first in a three part series:
Unexpected #1 <-----FREE
Unexplainable #2
Unintended #3
A set of stand alone stories about the Affliction boys are here!
Undeniable #4
Unbearable #5
Unstoppable #6
A new series, The Beat and The Pulse is schedules for September/October 2014

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