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Beneath It All by Tori Madison | New Release, Review and Giveaway

Beneath It All by Tori Madison



I wasn't prepared to hear those words. Neither was my loving husband, family or friends. And none of us were prepared for what life had in store after they were spoken.

I should have seen the signs all around me. I should have paid attention to the people who supposedly loved me, the people who I'd always trusted. But I was blind to what was going on. The effects on my flourishing career, passionate marriage and carefree lifestyle would be insurmountable.

It was time to take control of my life and the overwhelming chaos. Time to make the choices that were right for me. Right for my future. The future I hadn't planned on.

My life didn't stop when I heard those four little words . . . it was only just beginning

  Breast cancer is a silent terrorist attacking when you least expect it. Women of all ages are at risk. It not only attacks our bodies in our most tender areas, but it also attacks our psyche while spreading its insidious malice outward, terrorizing our loved ones too. It takes a strong heart to fight and survive it. It also takes a caring and loyal support group of loved ones to give you courage and cheer you on while you journey to remove this culprit.

This book is a call to awareness. It reads like a diary of the events leading to discovery and the journey to surviving cancer. Our story focuses on a married couple in their thirties. It is apparently a stable union, full of love and passion. Noah is a successful lawyer at the height of his career. Victoria is an interior decorator, laboring to build her own business. Noah is her world. She loves him so much! Their love affair culminated in their marriage right after graduating from college. Together, they have built a life that is comfortable, passionate, and supportive.

Tori Madison takes us by the hand and walks us through step by step from the discovery of the cancer to the devastating outcome of the pressures of this journey. Our writer's style is straight forward and detailed. Her characters have our hearts, especially Victoria. If you ever wondered what the steps are for eradicating this insidious malignancy, you will find this book illuminating. In addition, she has managed to present the story of a marriage caught in this turmoil. I literally could not put it down.

This is Part One. Part Two is due out in 2015. Hopefully Tori will take pity on us readers and will surprise us with an early release! This book is recommended for mature audiences. It is also a book ALL women should read. Knowledge is power!

About the Author . . .

Happily married and the mother of two, Tori Madison, is active in the world of philanthropy and finds joy in making a difference in lives of others. She is an avid reader, lover of life, and a breast cancer survivor. Currently residing with her family in Minnesota, she can often be found at Caribou Coffee or at the dance studio with her kids. With a well-known weakness for dark chocolate with sea salt and cheesecake, she also has a fondness for chips and fresh salsa.

Writing a book was never on her radar. After a challenge from a friend to write 1,500 words the story came to life and a new opportunity to make a difference was born.

Beneath It All is her debut novel.

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