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Shatterproof Series: Privacy Code, Illicit Contact, and Naked Risk by Jordan Burke | 99 CENTS Each

 Shatterproof Series: 
Privacy Code, Illicit Contact, and Naked Risk 

by Jordan Burke


Privacy Code #1
Everyone has secrets. No one has secrets like Watts.

Catherine Kolb has found the perfect diversion from her life of nearly complete seclusion: a virtually anonymous correspondence with a man she knows only as "Watts." Intelligent, intriguing, and with an insatiable appetite for sex, his words begin to draw her out of her closely guarded world.

Watts insists on privacy. He has no choice. In the wrong hands, his secrets could get people killed.

Including him.

And Catherine.

But curiosity and lust prove stronger than reason and safety. A planned one-time encounter sets into motion a series of events that bring Catherine and Watts to the edge of ecstasy and the brink of peril.

Two very private people. One risky night. A shot at love and redemption.

Due to mature themes, this book is recommended for readers 18+.


Illicit Contact #2
As Watts and Catherine become more entangled in a relationship marked by searing sex and imminent danger, he reveals the horrific events of his past that led to his current, dark life. Now Catherine must decide: with all that she’s been through in her life, can she risk suffering the heartache she could be forced to endure if she stays with Watts?


I’ve had to do some unspeakable things in my life. Some might even consider me a bad guy.

My secrets can get people hurt, even killed. For that reason, I’ve never let anyone get close to me.

Until Catherine.

Her life of isolation so closely mirrors mine that I feel inextricably bound to her.

She’s my one shot at redemption, and I just may be hers. If the risk is too much for her, she’ll leave. If she stays, my life’s mission changes forever…

Due to mature themes, this book is recommended for readers 18+.

Naked Risk #3
The hottest and most intense installment…this is the thrilling conclusion to the SHATTERPROOF series. 

“You’re going to have to make a choice, and it’s not going to be an easy one. I’m not the man you think I am.” - Watts 

Catherine made her choice. Now Watts faces an unexpected ultimatum from a nemesis that could threaten to tear them apart, just as he’s dealing with his riskiest and most important assignment yet, one that brings him closer than ever to getting caught. 

His decision will force them to face one of life’s ugliest truths: You can lose your one true love as quickly and unexpectedly as you find it. 

When Watts discovers that the threat runs deeper and much closer to home, his passion for Catherine becomes all the more worth the fight. Their future, and his redemption, depend on it. 

Due to mature themes, this book is recommended for readers 18+.

"Remarkably well written, these characters come alive on the page to involve the reader in the mystery that surrounds them. Right from the start the aura of mystery, secrets, and erotic emails will hook you into a story like no other. The emails between Catherine and Watts are incredible." (As You Wish Reviews)

"5 HOT stars! An excellent debut story that entertained me with a great mix of mystery, emotion, and hot sex. Put it at the top of your to read list." (Book Bitches Blog)

"A very exciting read. Was drawn in by Catherine and Watts. The story kept me guessing and the twists were interesting. A romance with suspense, danger and so many surprises." (Sassy Girl Books)

"This series IS HOT HOT HOT! Watts BRINGS it unlike no other and there is suspense, mystery and a whole lot of angst. You will not want to miss out." (Sammie's Book Blog)

"Privacy Code had me intrigued from the very first page." (My Secret Book Spot)

"Holy hotness in this book! Watts and Catherine have some serious sexual tension. This is a MUST READ!" (Eye Candy Bookstore)

From Privacy Code (Shatterproof #1)
“What made you change your mind about meeting me?”
She hesitated for a second before saying, “I was curious.”
I grinned. “Perfect reason. You should always give in to your curiosities, especially the forbidden ones.”
I stepped closer to her, placing my hands on the wall just over her shoulders, caging her in, pressing her up against the wall. I dipped my head and barely touched my lips to hers, waiting to see what she would do. As I expected, her tongue parted her lips ever so slightly as though trying to wet them for a kiss.
I let my tongue graze along Catherine’s, then pressed my lips firmly to hers. My tongue dove into her mouth. She opened wider, willingly taking it. She tasted like wine and mint.
A short gasp escaped from her mouth as my hand pulled her dress up, my fingers pressing into the soft, smooth flesh of her thigh.
My cock twitched in my pants. I heard my heartbeat in my ears. Felt my face getting warmer by the second.
I moved down to her neck, tasting her skin and feeling her head drop to my shoulder.
I was finding myself lost in the sensory blur that was Catherine. Her scent, how her flesh felt when I applied pressure with my hands, how she tasted, how I could feel her pulse rapidly pounding against my lips when I kissed her neck.
I slipped one finger under the front of her strapless dress, slowly pulling it down to expose her. I looked down and watched as the fabric slid over the slope of the top of her breast.
With one finger, I traced the outer edge of her bra, teasing her flesh.
“When I said you were going to get the fucking of a lifetime, did you think those were just words?”
She looked up from what my finger was doing and blinked. “I want to believe you.”
She had some doubt. Excellent. “Are you challenging me, Catherine?”
She bit her lower lip. “Maybe.”
I tilted my head and grinned. “Not a good idea.”

Privacy Code #1

A dating site, an intriguing first approach, the beginning of an impossible relationship?
Right from the start the aura of mystery, secrets, and erotic emails will hook into a story like no other. The emails between Catherine and Watts are incredible. For a shy, self retrained girl like Catherine, the anonymity the Internet provides is her shield. For Watts, Catherine's intelligence is so attractive, it encourages him to let loose and pour his thoughts and fantasies into his correspondence.

Who is Watts? Is that his real name? What is his life like? Why would it put Catherine in danger to meet him? Inquiring minds want to know!

Remarkably well written, these characters come alive on the page to involve the reader in the mystery that surrounds them. This is book #1 of the trilogy. Although there is no cliffhanger, you will be hungry for more after reading this first installment.

I love mysteries and thrillers! Now, throw in some erotic romance, and you have me panting for more...

Illicit Contact #2

As thrilling as the first book in this series ( Privacy Code ), it compelled me to read it in a couple of hours. The passion and emotional turmoil Watts and Catherine are going through just leaps off the pages of this book. Their sexual connection has been building for the past 6 months and there is no denying this passionate explosion.

With their physical relationship on its way like a rocket, now it's time to decide and share those deep dark secrets they have both been keeping. It takes a lot of love to accept and support someone whose secrets are so horrific, but is Catherine able to do this? What are the risks she is exposing herself to by supporting Watts?

This is a must read in the journey to the conclusion of this thrilling and suspenseful romance. Naked Risk is scheduled for publishing on July 23rd. Cannot wait to read the final chapter!

Naked Risk #3 

And now the final installment to this thrilling love story. Jordan Burke has masterfully kept us wanting more with each installment. As the story has evolved with suspense and thrills around every corner, I could not help but wonder what she kept from us until the last part.

Watts is now involved in his most difficult and complex mission. Having come clean with Catherine, she now shares in the worry and emotional price of being involved with a man of Watts' profession.
To top it off, there are indications that Catherine may be in danger. The plot twists and both our lovers find themselves in predicaments that may cause them their lives.

Could not put this last installment down either. There was not a moment in which the flow of the plot slowed down for me. The imminence of danger, the promise of a nebulous future, and the fast pace of this story all added to a thrilling experience. I wonder, could we hope for more of these stories from our author in the near future? I just cannot get enough! 

Jordan Burke is a full-time writer who lives near a beach, filling free time with reading, seeing nearly every movie that hits the theaters (and some that don't), pretending to be a chef, and watching college football and basketball. Jordan believes the most fascinating subject in the world is relationships (especially those that triumph over extreme obstacles) and loves to write about them. Jordan Burke is the author of the suspenseful erotic romance series, SHATTERPROOF.

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