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Author: N.B. Baker
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Length: 209 pages
Release Date:  February 20, 2014


Love could prove fatal in N.B. Baker’s thrilling and titillating debut, Everything. A seductive tale of romance and deception, its twists and turns lead to a shocking finale that proves no secret is left buried forever.

No one would ever mistake Ella Stone’s life for a fairy tale. Abandoned by her parents when she was an infant, Ella was raised by her grandparents on a vast Wyoming ranch. When they both pass away within a year of each other, Ella must contemplate her own future for the first time.

Upon moving to Detroit to be closer to friends, Ella is immediately swept away by the passionate, up-and-coming artist Hunter. But their romance comes to an abrupt end when she catches him in bed with another woman. Struggling to move on, Ella meets Chance St. John. Their coincidental run-ins seem almost comical at first. Until the night he rescues her from a brutal attack.

As they get to know each other, Ella and Chance embark on a passionate journey that neither had ever thought possible. But Ella can’t fight the feeling that Chance is holding something back, something from his past that he’s just not willing to share.

Ella must discover the truth before Chance’s dark past destroys them both.

This book will blow your socks off! It is a love story, with a big dose of mystery, suspense and thrilling sexy scenes.
First there is Ella. She is as gentle as her name implies. She is just looking for a place to set her "roots". She has lost everyone in her family. By moving to Detroit, she hopes to be close to her two best friends and start a new life full of hope and love.

Reality quickly sets in when she arrives early from a trip and finds her douchebag boyfriend in bed with a chick. I am so glad she throws his ass out of the apartment.

Then she literally runs into Chance. The name says it all... yes he is gorgeous so we are all cheering for her to take a "chance" with him. I know, I could not pass it up. But this man is different. He is a gentleman, quiet, loving, caring, and most of all, willing to stand up and defend her from "douchebag".

This love affair is scorching hot. Steamy scenes are just the beginning. The bed sheets are on fire! And this man is a romantic at heart.

He also has secrets that he will not share. Ella can tell he has been deeply hurt and hopes he will eventually share all with her.

As the plot thickens and attempts are made to kill Ella all bets are off. Who is doing this? "Douchebag"? Someone else? Why?

I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did. I have singing the praises of N.B. Baker's debut novel for days. If you get a chance, check out the video trailer on her facebook page. It is a gem!

About the Author

N. B. Baker is Iowa born; twelve years ago, she moved to Wyoming where she resides with her husband and children, including their four legged children, Kiera and Jade. She loves to write in the spare time she has after working forty hours in the financial world and playing wife and mommy (a.k.a. chef, doctor, housekeeper, taxi driver, zookeeper, homing device, and much more). N. B. Baker has always believed in the unbreakable bond between best friends, love at first sight, and happily ever after. Please feel free to visit my author page on facebook.

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