Friday, June 6, 2014

Born by Marianne Maguire


After the recent death of her parents that has left her feeling lost and alone, September Rae volunteers for something new and exciting, and unknowingly triggers a magical curse to lift. A timid human no more, September is born into a Legacy she didn’t know existed and must now navigate her way through a secret otherworld morphing from one supernatural race into another as she builds her confidence and learns how to control her powers. September Rae finds out soon that being the Queen of all Supernatural races in an Underground Otherworld brings her into a world of unknown pleasures and unexpected consequences. The stakes are high for this new Queen, all the while being tested by everyone in the Underground Otherworld. Thankfully she is not alone and never will be again, along with her new court of sexy supernatural men, the gentlemen, the playboy and the rock-star, they must all figure out how to love and work together as their Queen is born.

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Author Bio

Marianne Maguire was born on the Canadian prairies, when platform heels and bell bottom pants where groovy, while Johnny Cash and ABBA were what all the cool kids listened to on their record players. Often as a child she would go off on her own to explore the forest, armed only with her imaginary friends and a peanut butter sandwich, in search of wild adventures then come home to tell tall tales about what she had found to anyone that would listen. 

Not much has changed in the last few decades, she still wears the big heels but now with skinny jeans. Her music tastes are more hard rock and the adventures have moved to the wild jungles of South America, where she goes exploring now with her best friend and husband of 20 years. 

Marianne has worn many career hats, having worked as a model, chef, truck driver, bar tender, bar owner, and dog groomer, she has a constant need to learn new things and meet new people while always keeping her ears open to ideas for great stories. Having one published poem under her belt, it was a dream to one day write her first novel but as they say, life gets in the way. It wasn’t until after the tragic loss of both her parents when Marianne realized life is too short not to live your dreams and finally put pen to paper. The result is her first, paranormal erotic romance, Born, book one of The Legacy Series

Today you can often find Marianne on her acreage near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, taming her gardens and usually with her band of merry four legged children. She still grooms and trains dogs, has a persistent preoccupation for reading and surfing the web and a huge obsession for anything undead. 

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