Friday, May 30, 2014

Review of Finding My Prince Charming (Book #1) bu JS Cooper

Title: Finding My Prince Charming (Book #1)
Author: J.S. Cooper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:  May 27, 2014

Can a Playboy Prince ever be tamed?

When Lola Franklin decided to study abroad she never anticipated embarking on a whirlwind weekend romance with a hot guy before classes started.

And she certainly never counted on the hot guy being her new professor. Or a Prince. Or the biggest asshole she had ever met.

Xavier Van Romerius is the playboy Prince of Europe and he loves his life. He doesn’t do relationships, and never wants to get married. But when he see’s Lola Franklin flirting with his little brother Casper, he realizes that maybe he needs to rethink his ideas about love before the wrong Prince gets the girl.

This  book will be published in two parts.

He is an a**hole!!! Entitled, cocky, arrogant, obnoxious, domineering, and again, an a**hole! Why do we feel attraction for these men? Because they can also turn on the charm and be loving, sweet, caring, thoughtful... and it is all part of the manipulation they are so good at!

This is a well-written story with Lola as the main character. She is precious. She recognizes what is going on with the Prince, but the chemistry she has with Xavier is so strong, she is unable to control her reactions to him.

Sorry, I just feel like smacking this Prince and setting him straight. He is looking to play with Lola and I fear she is too sensitive and will be hurt in the end.

I am all fired up and ready for Book #2 in this series. J.S. Cooper, you are the goddess with the magic pen. I hope you give this Prince what he has coming to him in the next book. That, and a fatal case of "love-struck-puppy syndrome" so he can experience what Lola is feeling.

About the Author
J. S. Cooper is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She is a true romantic that is in love with love. The J. S. stands for Jaimie Suzi. She just thought J. S. sounded cooler! J. S. was born in London, England and moved to the States at age 17. She studied history in college and then went to law school and then decided to follow her writing dreams. J. S. writes 'New Adult' contemporary romance books because that is what she also loves to read.

Available Books: The Last Boyfriend, The Last Husband, Before Lucky, The Other Side of Love, Zane & Lucky's First Christmas, Crazy Beautiful Love, Scarred, Everlasting Sin, and Healed.

Upcoming books: Taming My Prince Charming (Book #2), If Only Once (The Martelli Brothers), , The Rebel Next Door and Hot Prof.

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