Monday, April 28, 2014

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Title: DreamDown
Author: Ani Alexander
Genre:  Literature / Women's Fiction
Release Date: April 1, 2014

FREE for a Limited Time!

Emma is almost 40 and she has it all. Since she can remember herself she has always been very rich and spoiled. Now, on top of the fat bank account Emma has a successful husband, rich friends, big house and two dogs. But there is something else… She also has nightmares visiting her often. In fact, it's the same nightmare every night.

Emma dreams that she is standing wearing a nightgown in front of a big French window. The floor is cold underneath her bare feet. She puts her palms on the cold glass and looks outside. There is a huge oak tree straight ahead in the yard. Its branches with colorful autumn leaves shiver with the wind. The sound they make seem like a low melancholic whisper. As if trying to listen she brings her face closer and her nose meets the cool glass. In just few seconds the glass around her lips and underneath her nose covers with steam. She does not move.
She closes her eyes and a lonely tear slides down her cheek. Then she opens her eyes and looks back at the old oak tree. There is someone standing next to it now. It’s a girl of 3 looking exactly as she did when she was her age. At some point she even thinks it’s her, although she knows it’s not. There is no proof but she knows for sure. She just knows…

Emma can’t find any explanation. As soon as she accepts it to be part of her life different unexpected events follow one another. As a result Emma find out a secret, which turns her life upside down and finally explains her nightmare.

The book is about life, female friendship, secrets and hope. It covers different female fates and Emma’s personal transformation journey.

I finished reading this book DreamDown. I do not read of straight women's fiction and literature these days so this was different for me. It is a great plot line about a shallow woman who slowly discovers who she really is and changes in order to finally find happiness. The book's pace is even. It is a story of realization, uncovering secrets, and re-building relationships.  Ani Alexander has a straight forward writing style that is appealing. 

About the Author

I have been writing since my teenage years. Back then I did not realize that it was more than a passing phase, interest or hobby. That is why I listened to the left part of my brain and studied business instead:)

When I finally became wiser I left my 11-year corporate career behind and decided to follow my passion.

Now I am self-published author and blogger from Armenia. My first book of short stories called Emotional Moments became an Amazon bestseller in 2012.

My first novel Highfall is already available as an e book or paperback.

You can get in touch with me through her blog Life Probabilities or Twitter

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