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Review | Tainted Bodies (The Photographer Trilogy #1) by Sarah Robinson @BooksBy_Sarah

Title: Tainted Bodies
Trilogy: The Photographer: Book 1
Author: Sarah Robinson
Genre: Crime Romance
Published: December 2013
Length: 333 Pages
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Kate Jackson is listlessly floating through her life having no idea what or who she wants to be and burdened by the pains of her past. That is until she meets Derrick Kane.

A whirlwind romance leads Kate to believe that Derrick is the answer to all her questions and the patch to heal all her wounds.

Derrick and Kate’s love is quickly tested as a shocking crime forces Kate to have to figure out how to take care of herself and leads her into a mystery that only Kate has the key to solve.

Can she catch an extremely dangerous criminal and keep the love between Derrick and her alive? Find out the conclusion of this thrilling crime drama and contemporary romance in the following books of The Photographer Trilogy.


A touching romance novel with a twist of mystery.  I enjoyed getting to know both Kate and Derrick as they fell in love with each other.  They both have a past, one that they intend to keep secret for as long as possible.  While trying to hold on to what they have, will their past get in the way of their future?

When Derrick runs into Kate adding a coffee to her already placed order.  It's Kate that's taken off guard, his savvy charm takes her by surprise.  Derrick has never met anyone like Kate, her style and her personality holds his interest, for much longer than he had intended.  While the coffee house they both frequent in the early mornings turns out to be a ritual in both their lives, they fall under each others spell.

It is not until Kate mentions commitment that everything seems to go downhill between the two love birds.  Derrick's past comes back to haunt him and the two begin to drift apart.  Both holding back secrets but will Kate's past come back to haunt her when she falls victim to a horrifying crime?  Will Derrick's moment of weakness be the end...or will their love prevail?

About the Author
Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degree in psychology while working as a mental health therapist with poor and homeless populations with severe mental illnesses as well as an advocate for a national cancer research foundation.

Writing has been her hobby since high school and she has been published several times from poetry to short stories. Her blog features her latest poetic accomplishments at

Sand & Clay was her first full length novel and came out in its second printing, a "holiday edition", in mid-December 2013. Her second book, Tainted Bodies (Part One of The Photographer Trilogy) came out on January 1st, 2014 so make sure to get your copy asap!

Her writing often concentrates on the complexity of love and emotions and the struggles of finding your destined path through life as well as overcoming life's tragedies and misfortunes. Much of her inspirations come from the lovely and spiritual love she shares with her new husband, Justin, and the emotions around falling head over heels in love with your soulmate. She and her new husband are also animal enthusiasts and have 14 pets as well as volunteering with multiple animal shelters and rescues. Her celebrity idol is Ellen Degeneres, she even named one of her dogs after her!

You can find more information on her facebook page and reach her directly with questions. Don't forget to add your review to amazons website once you read the book!

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