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New Release TAMING DAMIAN by Jessica Wood

Title: Taming Damian (The Hearbreaker #2)
Author: Jessica Wood
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 

She destroyed me. Can I still love her? 

Damian Castillo is the man, the legend, the heartbreaker—the self-proclaimed man-whore that doesn’t believe in love or commitment. That is until he meets Alexis Blythe—the innocent, strong-willed small town girl who didn’t immediately give into Damian’s charm. With Alexis, Damian sees something more than just hot, no-strings-attached sex, and against his inner resistance, he gives into his feelings for her.

But just when their relationship begins to bloom, something unexpected threatens to break them apart. Will Damian leave Alexis and go back to his playboy ways and break yet another heart? Or will Damian’s love for Alexis be strong enough to convince him to stay and fight for a woman that’s like no other he’s ever met before?

“Damian, we’re in the ladies’ bathroom.” I made no attempt to zip my dress back up. Even I knew my words of protest were empty as my breathing became more ragged and uneven and I arched my body toward him. So why am I so turned on?

“Then let’s not waste any time then.” His hold tightened around me as I felt his fingers unclasp my bra. “Let’s see if I can make you come before someone comes in.”

Instead of resisting, I dropped my purse to the ground and felt my body respond on its own as I shifted my hips and heard the dress slide down my body. A second later, my bra joined my dress and purse on a pile on the floor. Before I could think through my emotions, he grabbed my face and lowered his lips down to greet me. His kiss was rough and forceful as he backed me up against bathroom sink and lifted me up on top of the cold black marble counter. His hands secured mine against the mirror behind me.

“Now, do you want that? Do you want to come before someone comes in?”

I swallowed hard and nodded, unable to say a single word.

“Now take off your panties.” He wasn’t asking and he wasn’t demanding. He was stating a fact that he knew would happen. His smoldering eyes were dark and dangerous as he watched me push my panties down my legs and onto the floor next to my dress. He moved his hands down my legs, and by the way his hands secured me in place, I knew this wasn’t the first time he’d done this before.

I suddenly gasped as he pushed my legs apart and leaned into me. I felt his hard erection rub against my inner thigh through his pants and an excruciating need grew in the pit of my stomach. I saw my hands reach for his white tuxedo shirt, and before I could register my actions, I ripped his shirt open with both hands, revealing his hard, chiseled, tan chest. I heard the buttons fall down the porcelain sink and against the marble countertop. My breathing was sharp and uneven as my gaze moved down his naked body that peaked through his ripped shirt. My eyes widened when they landed on the hardness that was pushing through his slacks. He groaned as my hands moved up his pants and brushed up against his erection.

“Let me out.” His commanding voice was ragged as his eyes rolled back in pleasure. I obeyed and unzipped his pants. I gasped as his erection immediately poked out of the opening to greet me. He had gone commando tonight.

Damian!!!! It is time to set childish ways aside! He has been a playboy for so long he has no clue what it is to have a relationship. Alexis loves you!

He has seen the text message from Chris and he is furious. All he wants to do is punish Alex. This makes for some interesting scenes but he is simmering in his anguish.

You should know this is a growing experience for Damian. He has to finally take responsibility for his actions and begin thinking of the needs of others.

Alexis has quite a path ahead of her. Now that the test results are in, she knows her future is on the balance and the decisions she makes now will have repercussions for the rest of her life.

And let's not forget Chris who still loves her. He has not given up on Alexis. He is a good man who make a terrible mistake and lost.

All this makes for a very interesting story. In the end, even playboys have to grow up and face life. Damian does not disappoint! 

About the Author

Jessica Wood writes contemporary romance.

While she has lived in countless cities throughout the U.S., her heart belongs to San Francisco. To her, there’s something seductively romantic about the Golden Gate Bridge, the steep rolling hills of the city streets, the cable cars, and the Victorian-style architecture.

She loves a strong, masculine man with a witty personality. While she is headstrong and extremely independent, she can’t resist a man who takes control of the relationship, both outside and inside of the bedroom.

She loves to travel internationally, and tries to plan a yearly trip abroad. She also loves to cook and bake, and—to the benefit of her friends—she loves to share. She also enjoys ceramics and being creative with her hands. She has a weakness for good (maybe bad) TV shows; she’s up-to-date on over 25 current shows, and no, that wasn’t a joke.

And it goes without saying, she loves books—they’re like old and dear friends who have always been there to make her laugh and make her cry.

The one thing she wished she had more of is time.

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