Thursday, April 24, 2014

BlogTour Giveaway Review of The Cowboy in Me by Lorraine Britt

Title:  The Cowboy in Me
Author: Lorraine Britt
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date:  April 15, 2014

Mary Elizabeth Matthews is a reclusive novelist with a great appreciation for actor Cody McAllister, so much so that he inspires a character in her newest novel. Unbeknownst to her, Cody’s friend and co-star Jennifer Johnstone is a huge fan of her books and gives the newest one to Cody. She insists he find a way to make it into a movie, saying he’d be perfect for the lead. Cody is instantly lost in the world of this novel , absorbing it in one sitting. He makes it his mission to find the mysterious author and convince her to let him produce a film version, having no idea that the character he is so determined to play was written only for him…or how his mission would change his life…forever.

Adult, Romance, 18+ Includes some non-graphic sexual situations.

Fate plays a hand! She dreams about him. He dreams about her. She writes a book that would be a perfect movie with the lead character inspired by him. He reads the book and goes off to find her so he can make her book into a movie. The rest is just romance heaven!

Beautifully written romance story. Gentle, sensual, full of deep feelings and what you might call Fate or Serendipity influencing their lives.

You will end up loving Cody. He is that super hunkalicious book boyfriend with the slow hand and all the right moves!

About the Autho
 Lorraine Britt is a fourth generation Native Texan who is also immensely proud of her Louisiana heritage and solid Southern roots. As an enthusiastic lover of the written word, inspiration struck Lorraine and she began to bubble over with her own ideas. Grasping hold of her lifelong dreams, it wasn’t long before she was putting pen to paper and letting her fingers fly over a keyboard to bring her own characters to life. When she isn’t busy scribbling notes for her next idea you might find her whipping up delicious creations in the kitchen or putting miles on her car on road trip adventures. Lorraine is equally passionate about music, movies and sports. You’ll no doubt find these familiar themes woven throughout her books. Lorraine and her family currently make their home in northeast Texas.

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