Friday, April 25, 2014

Blog Tour Giveaway & Review of Let's Misbehave (Summerhill #3 ) by Kate Perry

Title: Let's Misbehave (Summerhill #3)
Author: Kate Perry
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Roimance
Length: 290 pages
Release Date:  April 14, 2014

Imogen Summerhill, box office darling, has never wanted to be in the spotlight less.

When racy photos—and video!—are leaked by her sleazy ex, her studio couldn't be happier. All press is good press, and this will only enhance the intrigue about her upcoming blockbuster. But how is Gigi supposed to be taken seriously as an actress with all this inappropriate buzz? She’s Cate Blanchett, not Kim Kardashian.

But then Gigi meets Merrick Graham, the Bad Boy of Politics. The last thing either of them wants is to be tainted by more scandal: he needs the support of the conservatives, and she wants to untarnish her image.

Only they can't resist each other—separately they're good, but in the bedroom they're even better. They can’t be seen together in public, but in private all’s fair game, and there’s plenty of room to misbehave...

If you have been reading the Summerhill series by Kate Perry, you are going to love this one. If you have not started reading this series, what are you waiting for?

Although you can read this as a standalone novel, you will get a lot more enjoyment out of this series if you read them in order.

This series deals with the love lives of the Summerhill sisters. They are a lively bunch, trying the best they can to live a full life after the death of their father. Father was always pretty controlling, but surprise surprise, father had secrets of his own. When he passed away, discoveries were made and it affected everyone.

This time around we are involved with Imogen, Gigi to those who love her. She is a famous actress fighting the paparazzi as a video is released of her and her very EX boyfriend in compromising positions, ahem. She has now fallen for a politician ( very sexy ex rocker now politician) and so we are taken for a joy ride of this love affair incognito.

I found this novel absolutely delightful. I love these sisters! They are their own support group. They will protect each other and the world better beware!

About the Author
Kate has tangoed at midnight with a man in blue furry chaps, dueled with flaming swords in the desert, and strutted on bar tops across the world and back. She’s been kissed under the Eiffel Tower, had her butt pinched in Florence, and been serenaded in New Orleans. But she found Happy Ever After in San Francisco with her Magic Man.

Kate's the bestselling author of the Laurel Heights Novels, as well as the Pillow Talk and Guardians of Destiny series. She's been translated into several languages and is quite proud to say she's big in Slovenia. All her books are about strong, independent women who just want love.

Most days, you can find Kate in her favorite café, working on her latest novel. Sometimes she's wearing a tutu. She may or may not have a jeweled dagger strapped to her thigh...

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