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Review | Skinless: A Novel in III Parts (Part III) by L. M. Davis @LMDavisWrites

Title: Skinless: A Novel in III Parts (Part III)
Author: L.M. Davis
Series: Skinless
Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy
Length: 74 Pages


“He’s been with me through all of these strange cities and lonely countrysides. Without him, I would never have made it this far.” -Ankh

All of the secrets are out.

All of the clues are deciphered.

All of the questions are answered.

Now, all that is left is war.


In the final part of Skinless the truth is finally laid out to Luca. Although he has been through hell and back trying to protect Ankh,and despite the chaos there was plenty of times Luca gave me a chuckle through out the story. And that I truly loved.

Luca refused to let Ankh go through this battle alone, he was ready and willing to do what he could to help the one girl who made him feel things no one else could. And although Ankh didn't want Luca involved, he gave her no choice. He was with her all the way. I loved the relationship between the two, and how they were able to connect throughout the story.

Again, I am usually not a SciFi reader but L.M Davis pulled me in to this series from the beginning. I'm sure for all you SciFi readers this will have everything you are looking for.

About the Author
L. M. Davis loves great storytelling. She needs nothing more than a good book and a comfy chair to be happy. She was born in the south, raised in the north, and has a few degrees under her belt. She still hasn't gotten her black cat, but she thinks about it everyday. Her thoughts go something like this: "I really should get a cat." For now, she contents herself with spoiling the pets of her friends and family.

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