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Title:  Before You (Sex on the Beach Trilogy)
Author: Jenna Bennett
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length:  150 pages
Released: March 4, 2014


It’s all fun and games.I had a simple plan for spring break. Sun, sand, and a hot guy. Sex on the beach, with no strings attached. A chance to get rid of this pesky virginity once and for all. And when I met Tyler McKenna, I thought I had it made. Until someone gets hurt.  But then girls started turning up at Key West landmarks. Girls who looked like me, but with one crucial difference: They’d all been drugged and relieved of their virginity. The virginity I still have. The virginity Ty refuses to take. And now I’ve begun to wonder whether there isn’t more to him than meets the eye.

Suddenly, sex on the beach doesn’t sound so good anymore…

Spring Break in Key West... time for debauchery, orgies, and lots of drinking. Time for excesses and feeling free of any and all responsibilities. That is normally what your average college student thinks of Spring Break. For Cassie, it is the time to leave her small town ways behind for a week and finally loose her virginity. Her best friends Mackenzie and Quinn leading the way, Cassie expected this week to be like no other in her life. How right she was!

This week in Key West would be unique. A chance meeting at Captain Crow's Bar and some great conversation - here was Ty and things were looking up! Although her expectations were to hook up, Ty quickly assured her this would not be. He was polite, gentle and very protective. What started as a possibility evolved into a friendship.

But someone was attacking and raping girls during Spring Break... and they all looked like Cassie. Our story becomes a suspense thriller as Cassie and Ty work together to figure out who is raping these girls and why they all match Cassie's description.

This was a unique romance where anticipation was the word of the day. Anticipation as to what would happen next with the rapist? Who and where were the common questions. Cassie's near miss with the rapist just added to the mystery and terror I felt for Cassie. Anticipation as to the attraction between Cassie and Ty. The chemistry between them could not be denied. Finally, anticipation of a future ... would their friendship survive Spring Week? 

Great book to read and enjoy!

About the Author
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jenna Bennett (Jennie Bentley) writes the Do It Yourself home renovation mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime and the Cutthroat Business mysteries for her own gratification. She also writes a variety of romance for a change of pace.

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