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Review | Skinless: A Novel in III Parts (Part II) by L. M. Davis @LMDavisWrites

Title: Skinless: A Novel in III Parts (Part II)
Author: L.M. Davis
Series: Skinless
Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy
Length: 74 Pages


All I can say is when the girl I like looks at me with wide, freaked out eyes and then runs away, the only thing that I can do is run after her. Even if she didn’t ask me, even if she told me not to, I’m not superman enough to fight the instinct to protect her. -Luca

For Luca Valken, AnCaela Murphy is like no other girl he's ever met and that's exactly what makes him so crazy about her. Never in his wildest imaginings, and they got pretty wild, did he dream what that difference truly means. By the time that he's followed her to Atlanta, in search of her missing mother, he's in too deep.

Too deeply entangled in the mystery surrounding her mother's disappearance.

Too deeply terrified for Ankh's safety.

Too deeply in love to ever consider walking away.


The journey continues as Ankh and Luca try to get ahead of the Skinless and search for clues. Unsure of who to trust much less where to go next. They find themselves in the midst of betrayal and heartbreak.

The Skinless are on to them, tailing them or just one step ahead at every turn. Ankh and Luca don't understand, they follow the clues yet it leads them no where. Betrayed by the only one that can help them find Ankh's mother quickly, they must finish alone.

Confronted by Skinless, Luca cannot defend himself fast enough. He's in trouble and Ankh must save him. It must be a dream, in and out of consciousness, Luca sees her, his Ankh in her true form.

Ankh finds the strength to overpower her enemy, taking the chance to find what lies beneath the surface. Skinless... Unbelievable yet so much the same. Have all the story's she's grown up to believe been a lie?

About the Author
L. M. Davis loves great storytelling. She needs nothing more than a good book and a comfy chair to be happy. She was born in the south, raised in the north, and has a few degrees under her belt. She still hasn't gotten her black cat, but she thinks about it everyday. Her thoughts go something like this: "I really should get a cat." For now, she contents herself with spoiling the pets of her friends and family.

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