Friday, February 14, 2014

Next to Forever by S Moose Vday Special

Next to Forever

A very special Valentine’s Day


I kiss her all the way down her body. Damn, even after all these years my girl still gets me horny as fuck. I slowly spread her legs and take in her arousal. Always ready for me I smile. My greedy tongue licks and sucks her clit.

“Mmmm..Ahhh..Connor,” she moans in her sleep. Her hands find my hair and she tugs begging me for more. I quickly lick her up and down. Inside and out. Her body thrashes in bed and I feel her about to come. She closes her legs around my head trapping me. I don’t complain. I love my little freak. “Yes! Connor!”

Fuck. I can’t take it anymore. I spread her legs again and drive my raging hard on into her. “Argh, baby!” I moan pounding into her.

“Fuck me harder,” she quietly orders me. Her breath is shallow and she’s about to come apart.

“Now baby. Let go.”

We both find our release. My lips crash onto hers and our tongues find one other, teasing, playing and dancing in our mouths. 

Pulling out of her I bring her body close to mine again. I can’t get enough of my sexy wife. The mother of our fifteen year old daughter, Emily. 

These past years have been incredible. Optimax is continually climbing the business ladder and I have the ability to work from home. I go into the office a few times a week, but most of the work is done at home. Erin quit her job at Vale and never went back. She enjoys staying at home with Emily.

Erin smiles into my chest and nuzzles her lips on my neck. This is the perfect time to give my present to her. I reach under the pillow, grab the box and hand it to my girl.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby.” I kiss her forehead and watch her eyes get bigger. That ear to ear smile makes me ache. Shit I’m hard again.

“Babeeeeee!” She quickly opens the box and pulls out the Cartier diamond necklace. “AHHHHHH! This is the one I wanted!” She throws herself onto me and kisses me all over. “Thank you! Now it’s my turn to give you your gift.” Yep! I’m the luckiest man ever.

After our sexy time, Erin jumps in the shower and I make my way downstairs to make breakfast for my girls. I get in the kitchen and see glasses by the sink. I look around but there’s no one in the kitchen except for me. “Weird. I know I did the dishes last night,” I mutter. “Emily.” I run back upstairs and burst in my daughter’s room. I know. I’m doing an awful fucking thing, but if he’s in here with my daughter, I’m gonna kill him. 

“Emily!” I quickly shut the door and explode in mine. “Erin! Go check on your daughter!” Quickly grabbing my phone, I make a phone call.

“Well Happy Valentine’s Day buddy,” Adam laughs.

“Where’s your son?”

“Huh?” There’s rustling in the background. Adam asks Sophia where Nathan is and then there’s yelling. I hang up the phone and sit on the bed. This is fucking ridiculous. I hate the idea of Nathan with my baby girl. They’ve been dating for the past three years and yes I should be happy that she’s happy and in love, but did everyone forget she’s my only child. My heart. 


“God damnit! Nathan get up and get out of here. My dad’s gonna kill you!” We both get out of bed and Nathan puts his clothes on. Damn my man is sexy. I tilt my head to the left and admired his fine ass. 

“Sweetheart. Can you stop raping me with your eyes and help me find my shirt?” 

“Uh huh.” Yeah like I’m moving. 

“Emily Patricia Simpson what the hell do you think you’re doing!” My mom comes in and closes the door. She looks around and laughs. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you wanna give your daddy a heart attack?” She picks up Nathan’s shirt and throws it at him. “And you what the hell? Your parents are on their way over so you better be on your best behavior.”

“Mom, I’m freaking fifteen! Come on, seriously. Nathan and I have been together forever. Daddy’s needs to stop.”

My mom laughs again and shakes her head before opening the door. “You’re grounded young lady!” Nathan’s face goes pale. I turn my head and try to get my mom’s attention. She kinks her eyebrows at me but it’s too late.

“Really? This is how you lecture our daughter?” Oh shit.

“Hi babeeee.” Okay seeing my parents all lovey and dovey makes me puke but in a way it’s cute. “Let’s go downstairs. Everyone.”

Nathan takes my hand and whispers everything will be alright. Sometimes it’s hard being Connor Simpson’s daughter. He’s a big deal and I’m supposed to be on my best behavior at all times, but I’m my mother’s daughter. I’m wild, crazy and want to live my life to the fullest..With my amazing boyfriend by my side. 

When we get downstairs, Adam and Sophia are at the kitchen table waiting for us. “Nathan Adam Simpson! You know better!” Sophia yells, but she’s just like my mom. They’ve been playing match maker since I was four years old. When we told them Nathan and I were official, they took us out to dinner to celebrate. 

“Sorry mama,” he says looking down. “Sorry Connor. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. I love Emily and I would never hurt her.”

“Uh huh,” my dad replies making a cup of coffee. I hate his attitude. He’s always treating me like a child and it’s getting annoying.

“Daddy! Nathan’s trying to apologize. Can you be a little more respectful?”

He quickly turns around and sneers at me. Oh shit. “What did you just say?” He comes towards me but my mom stops him.

“Connor, babe stop.” She holds him back. My dad’s never hit me, but right now I can feel the tension in the room. 

“Emily you’re fifteen years old. I caught you in bed with your boyfriend. NAKED!” My face turns bright red and I’m trying really hard not to lose it.

“Well if you didn’t barge into my room then you wouldn’t have ever found out. Mom’s okay with this. Why can’t you be?” 

He glares at her and Sophia. “Is that right? Well how about this? Emily you’re never to see Nathan again. End of story.”

Everyone in the room starts yelling at my dad. Nathan holds me and then the words come out of his mouth. “That’s not my daughter.” I push Nathan away and run out the doors, tears coming from my eyes.


The anger in me takes over. I can’t believe I just said that about my daughter. Of course she’s my daughter; she’s my life and my heart. I push everyone away and go outside to breathe. Punching the railing, I let out a loud grunt. How does this happen? It’s hard watching her grow up. Flashes of Emily as a baby come to mind. 

I watched her grow from a baby to a child and now a teenager. She used to always want to be around me and hated when we were apart. 


Someone touches my shoulder and I’m instantly calm. “You okay?” 

She leans her head on my shoulder and we stand on the deck in silence. Sophia calms me and she’s the only one, besides Erin, who really knows me. “Thanks,” I mumble. 

“Hey. Listen, you know Nathan and Emily are in love. Yeah, it sucks they’re having sex and he’s sneaking over, but she’s growing up every day honey. She’s on the pill and knows she can always come to us.” This isn’t making me feel better. My baby girl is on the pill. Great.


Nathan holds me against his chest. I sob in his arms and my dad’s words hit me over and over. “He hates me,” I wail. How can I be so stupid? The hurt in his eyes when he saw me in bed sucks. It kills me knowing I disappointed him. 

“It’s alright sweetheart. He doesn’t hate you. I promise.” Nathan kisses my forehead and rocks me back and forth. We sit here for a while and listen to the waves hit the sand. I love being here at the beach. 

Dad used to bring me here and we’d watched the sunset every day. This was our place, but now it’s where I come to be with Nathan, the other love of my life. 

“Ahem.” Nathan and I look up and see my dad standing behind us. “Nathan, can I get a moment with Emily?” 

Nathan stands up and nods his head. He gives me a quick kiss and walks away. I’m standing in front of my dad and I’m not sure what to say. This sucks. I hate feeling so distant from him. “I’m sorry Daddy. Please don’t hate me.” I cry, crumbling down on the sand.

“Princess,” he kneels in front of me, bringing me in his arms. “I don’t hate you. I can never and will never hate you. I love you so much. Yes I was mad and I’m sorry. You’re my daughter and I’m happy to have you.” I cry harder. He’s not mad at me and still loves me. He brings me onto his lap and rests his chin on top of my head. 

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” We sit in silence, watching the ocean together. 

“When you were four years old we sat here with your mom and you told us you really liked Nathan.” He laughs holding me tighter. “I was mad. You were only four and wished for him to like you. Since that night, you and Nathan were inseparable. I watched the both of you grow and also saw the love in his eyes.”

“You did?” He nods. “How did you know?”

“Because that’s the look I give your mom. You and your mom are my heart, Emily. I love you both so much. We’re going to have fights. We’re going to have ups and downs, but don’t ever think I hate you.”

This makes me cry again. I’ve put him through so much when it comes to Nathan. I push and push because since I was his little girl, I knew he wouldn’t get mad. “Are we okay, Daddy?”

“Yes, Princess. We’ll always be okay.” 

We stay on the beach a little longer and I feel better. He lifts me up and walk back to Nathan. He’s patiently sitting on the bench waiting for us. 

“Sir, I’m sorry again. I hope I can still see Emily,” his voice gets small and I smile. He really loves me.

“Of course, Nathan.” Dad pats Nathan on the back and tells us to get in the car so we can go back home and enjoy the day together. As a family. 

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