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New Release MERGED by MJ Fields

Title: Merged (Burning Souls Series #3)
Author: MJ Fields
Genre:Erotic Romance
Released: February 18, 2014


Maddox has walked through hell on earth to come to the point in life where he finally knows he can love. More importantly he realizes he deserves to be loved.

When these two souls come together in body, there is nothing hotter. In desire, there is nothing deeper. In love there is nothing stronger than two souls that were created for one another.

In the aftermath of his walk through hell will Maddox be able to conform to a normal life.

Can Maddox and Harper get past all that they have endured? Can they still love when they have lost so much? Will he be able to balance career and love and family? Will their souls finally come together giving him the beautiful life his tortured soul deserves?



He turned me back so I was facing the full length mirror and closed his eyes letting out a breath. His head moved slowly towards me as he licked his lips. One hand stayed on my hip and the other pulled my hair to the side exposing my neck. He looked in the mirror at me as he licked at an agonizing slow pace from my shoulder until he reached my earlobe and he let out a soft groan as he licked up the shell of my ear. His open mouth grazed the side of my face as his hand ran slowly from my hip until it was between my legs cupping me.

We both watched as his long thick finger spread me and he rubbed slowly up and down my now wet lips.

“Sweetness you are absolutely stunning.” He kissed me and pushed his finger just inside of me.

I felt his erection on the small of my back and pushed into it.

He lifted his hand and licked his fingers and moaned. “So damn good.”

His hand moved down and his slide one and then two fingers into me. My knees buckled slightly and his free hand wrapped around my waist. I stood nearly weeping at the slow lazy movement giving me such pleasure. MY hips moved into his hand and he hissed.

“That’s it Sweetness show me what you need. He released my waist and took my hand and placed it over his hand that was still working me. “Guide my hand. Show me what you want.”

I closed my eyes and rested my head against his shoulder as I guided his hand. His tongue traced my lips and I opened my mouth for him knowing he wanted to taste me. Feast on me.

“I’m gonna need to lick your pussy like this Sweetness.”

His hand pulled away from me leaving me abruptly empty. I groaned in disapproval. His chest was ricing and falling rapidly. He stepped back and pulled the seat away from the end of the bed so it was facing the mirror.

“Have a seat and spread your legs wide for your man Harper.”
I did as he asked. And he stepped aside.

“Look at that pretty little pussy in the mirror sweetness. Give it a pet for me.”

I looked up at him ready to tell him no.

“There’s nothing we don’t share or do for each other. I wanna she you rub your pussy Sweetness now.”

I took a deep breath and he took a firm hold on his cock and started to stroke himself up and down. I swallowed hard wanting desperately to have him in my mouth. I did as he asked.

“Don’t touch your clit Sweetness. That’s mine.” He positioned himself behind me still stroking himself and rubbing his tip against my cheek. I turned and licked him and he hissed.

I turned and saw our reflection in the mirror. Me touching myself as he stroked his cock as he watched me.

“Fuck look at you. S damn beautiful. All mine.” He let go of himself and reached over me and lifted my shirt over my head. “Lead singer fancies you as well but he loves to see those beautiful tits. Lift your arms. This needs to come off.” I lifted my arms.

He walked in front of me and knelt between my legs. “Spread as wide as you can. I need to taste you.”

He pulled my chin down with his thumb and then knotted his fingers in my hair. He licked slowly inside my mouth. He tasted like bottled water. Clean, fresh, and oh so crisp. I loved when he tasted me—everywhere.

He let go of my hair and licked his way down to my breasts. His tongue flicked over my puckered aching nipples. He sucked lightly on the left ad then the right. I gasped and he groaned sucking one into his mouth again. My body was rigid as my desire built. I couldn’t close my legs because he was positioned between them and I wouldn’t want him anywhere else. I looked up and watched his reflection as he moved down my body. The way his muscles flexed on his beautiful body. The way his back arched when he groaned. God his ass was magnificent. The visual, the sounds of desire escaping both of us mixed with my body igniting made this the most erotic sexual experience of my life.


By now, if you have been following the saga of this family, you are probably in love with Brody and Maddox Hines.  Rock Stars, both unconventional, this duo of father and son have kept up hopping around and swooning. The Burning Souls series focuses on Maddox and Harper as they step into adulthood and battle their way through overcoming often insurmountable odds for the survival of their love.

Having lost her father and her unborn baby while fighting for her life, Harper now clings to Maddox, the love of her life.  Maddox has once again proven his love for Maddox by killing a man in order to save Harper's life.  Nothing can possibly separate him from Harper.  He has sacrificed everything for her.  He knows what life is like without her and knows that for the rest of his life, Harper will be at his side, no matter what.

This last book in the series takes us through their last journey into "merging" their lives forever.  It is a bittersweet story at times, while once again showing us how deeply they love each other.  Sex with Maddox is by no means dull.  On the contrary, he has such stamina and determination, it leads our young couple to some very sticky situations with family always around them.

I received an ARC for my honest review.  I am a fan of MJ Fields' stories.  She is a gifted storyteller with an imagination that will take you on heartbreaking and soul enriching journeys.

I hope you will enjoy the journey of Harper and Maddox's love as much as I have.

About the Author
MJ Fields had no clue what she was getting into when she began the journey of writing. She say's, "I still don't--but I like it!"

Her imagination became apparent at age three. Sigma was her very first (imaginary) boyfriend. He lived about fifteen miles from her family's farm. She took him chicken noodle soup every night on one of their snowmobiles.(Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring). Apparently he was very ill and "Thank God" she was able to take care of him.

At eight her love for writing blossomed. Together with her cousins (of course she was the president) they wrote a newsletter and sold it to their family members.

Years later she decided to put it back into print to entertain her cousin as she was on an aircraft carrier on 9/11, very far away from home during a scary time for our country.

Fast forward to 2012. She read 50 Shades and thought, 'I wanna do that!' (meaning writing).

She has two complete series, The Love Series and Wrapped. There are also two new series Burning Souls and Men of Steel that are as of now not complete. Thirteen books in sixteen months. CrAzY and wonderful.

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