Monday, February 10, 2014

COVER REVEAL / Believe (Chasing Shadows Book One) By Mia Fox @MiaFoxBooks


*** This is a new adult contemporary romance and contains sexual content. It is not intended for young adult readers.*** 

 Open your hearts and minds to…“Believe,” a new adult contemporary romance and the first installment in Mia Fox’s Chasing Shadows Series. “Believe” will be released March 9. Both heart-breaking and filled with hope, the series details the strength of human character in the wake of tragedy and our need to connect to others. Published by Evatopia Press. Cover design by phatpuppyart and photography by Teresa Yeh with typography by Catie Crehan.

 (Chasing Shadows Series, Book #1)

Nate survived countless attacks on his Marine platoon while in Afghanistan, but one undying thought kept him safe -- the knowledge that Ella was waiting for him. Ella marked off the days until Nate’s return by writing letters to him, knowing that once he was safely home, they would fulfill their promise to live each day to its fullest. Theirs was a love that would endure separation...even in the wake of a tragic accident. Although now apart, Ella is given reason to believe in ghosts when Nate’s presence visits her and remains her lover. But when another man enters her life, Ella struggles to give herself over to a new love and maintain her bond to Nate’s ghost. A romantic ghost story and love triangle tied to one woman’s need to...Believe. Add “Believe” to your Goodreads’ TBR list.

 About Mia Fox 

 Mia Fox is a Los Angeles-based novelist who writes across varied genres including Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Steampunk, and Chick Lit. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from U.S.C. Before writing full time, she worked as an entertainment publicist, a career she chronicles in her novel, “Alert the Media.” However, she is happy to leave that world behind her, preferring that any drama in her life is only that which she creates for her characters. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three children, Casey, the Wonder Westie, and Bean, his brother.

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