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Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway; STOLEN GRACE by Arianne Richmonde

Title:  Stolen Grace 
Author:  Arianne Richmonde 
Genre:  Suspense 
Length:  400 pages 
Released:  February 3, 2014


A marriage on the rocks.
Their little daughter caught in between.
And a woman who will stop at nothing. 

Sylvia and Tommy Garland and their five-year-old daughter Grace have moved from the bright lights of New York City to the peaceful wilderness of the Wyoming countryside. But with the recession on their heels, Tommy leaves for LA for a job interview, and Ruth, an old friend of Sylvia's comes to stay.

In an unexpected turn of events, a family tragedy forces Sylvia to leave Ruth in charge of little Grace for just one day.

A decision that will tear their lives apart.

Stolen Grace is a roller coaster of emotions with twists and turns, a tale of lies and deception, of redemption and forgiveness.

And ultimately, a love story.


Sylvia sat uneasily at the edge of the silk-backed bed and kicked off her shoes. She needed to do this. She needed, just for a snatch of time, to escape her dark, Graceless world. She needed to help Tommy too—give him strength. She inhaled the scent of him and rested her head against his shoulder. He smelled of sweet grass and sun-warmed skin. He unzipped her dress. His generous hands slipped around her waist and moved up the length of her body, then stroked her back. She shivered. His fingertips caressed her skin and she closed her eyelids—a twirl of colors swam beneath them: red, twinkling green. She could hear some birds tweeting outside the bedroom window, perched on the weeping willow tree and, as one flew past, the shadow darted across her colored vision, just a second, just a flash. Tommy continued to stroke her—his touch tender. Warm.

She remembered how much she loved this man. How she ached for him. How much she desired him physically.

He pushed the dress away from her shoulders and it fell in folds about her waist. He pressed his hand under her white cotton panties and cupped her crotch, lifting it a millimeter from the bed. She cried out. Taken aback, almost, by the tingling flurry between her legs. She had forgotten that could happen. She could feel herself moisten, and she wriggled out of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. His hands moved upwards toward her breasts, his touch soft, hardly there, letting a finger flicker on her nipple, quiet and restful. She turned herself around to face him, her legs straddled either side of his, the saddle of her thighs and bottom pressing against his groin. He was rock hard. Bigger than she remembered. Her stomach pooled with desire and she heard herself moan quietly. They kissed. He tasted of sun and apples. He tasted of Tommyness. She let her tongue explore his top lip, then his mouth, and felt the rough stubble of an unshaven face. He groaned and pulled her closer. She remembered how little they kissed these days, really kissed—deep, probing—and she remembered, too, how he craved that.

She could feel the steady throb between her legs, and edging herself up on her knees, still straddling him, she offered his mouth her nipple. He licked it. Softly. The end of his tongue flickered like a glinting light. She let out another little cry. Her need for him, like a volt, made her push him to the bed. His head thumped on the puffed linen pillows and hungrily she unbuttoned his shirt, grappled the belt, reaching for the buttons of his jeans, feeling the rock that was his desire, the pulse in her groin rhythmical and hot. She drank in his chiseled abs, the definition of his pectorals. She pulled off his pants, halfway. She kissed him on his muscular thighs, her head resting against his hips, her tongue and lips searching for his cock as she looked up at him, a monument of flesh and bone and blood and love. They needed each other. For the first time in years, they could really give to one another. They needed each other‟s strength, each other‟s weakness.

“Come here, my angel, my light. I need you close to me.” He grabbed her, pulling her up toward him from the waist, placing her on top of him. Her toes tingled, and she heard him hold his breath for a second as she let him slide into her, her hands guiding him in. It felt huge, unfamiliar, as if it were her first time. She caught her breath at the smarting pain. It lasted a second and then it was over, her wetness welcoming the man she loved, the fit perfect. She had forgotten how well they slotted together.

She had forgotten that.


This book reminds us all of the fragility and strength of love. The love you feel for your children; the love you feel for your partner or spouse; the love you feel toward humanity in general and the love you feel for your own self.

A marriage is in trouble. Jealousy, misunderstandings, doubts about commitment and midlife crisis are a deadly combination. In the middle of all these feelings, a young child is caught in the middle. It does not matter if she is their biological daughter or not, the love they feel for her and vice versa, is real and the tentative glue keeping all of them together.

This book is a journey into Sylvia's and Tommy's hell as their adopted daughter is in danger. In order to mobilize and protect her, they must set their disagreements aside and unite their efforts. This is easier said than done with their marriage so fragile and lack of trust so predominant.

As a parent, the welfare of my child was always my first thought. The fear that someone could harm my child was always present on my mind. In the world we live in, we have to be alert and never lose sight that those close to us can in fact harm us.

This is an eye opening experience. Take this journey and you will end up like me; with a new sense of awareness toward the safety and future of our children and the children of the world.

About the Author

Arianne Richmonde is an American writer and artist who was raised in both the US and Europe. She is the author of the bestselling books Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl, Pearl, and Belle Pearl- all full length novels in The Pearl Series.The first three books in the series are also available in one trilogy bundle/box set as The Pearl Trilogy. She has also written Glass- a provocative short story. She lives with her husband and coterie of animals in France.

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