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Review | Destined for Darkness by Lucian Barnes @LucianBarnes

 Title:  Destined for Darkness
Author:  Lucian Barnes
Length:  171 Pages
Genre: Fantasy / Horror
Released:  Nov. 18, 2013


Frank Mancini had suffered with his abusive mother for many years, until the day that he snapped. After telling his friend, Johnny, about the incident, his friend encouraged him to leave Misty Hollows. Taking his advice, Frank journeyed across the country to California hoping for a fresh start.

Shortly after his arrival, he met a beautiful woman. He was determined to hide his dark past from her, especially after finding out that she was a psychic, able to see both the past and the future of anyone she came into contact with. He managed to hide his secrets from her until several years after they'd gotten married and started a family. Fearing that she would turn him in to the police, he killed her. Not realizing that his son, George, witnessed this act, Frank decided to take him back to Misty Hollows.

How would the memory of his mother's death effect young George? Would he follow in his father's footsteps? Journey through the years, from infancy to adulthood, with George to see if he can resist the inner darkness!


Filled with death, gore, adult situations and evil...recommended for 18+

I am not a typical horror reader but I have to say this book kept me reading till the end. It was like a car wreck that you couldn't turn away from, you can't help but to read on to find out what horrific thing happens from one page to the next. Understanding how George, our villain in the Desolace series had become what he was. It will definitely make you think about your actions with your own children and how your choices effect them.

Written as a stand alone story, it does make a great prequel to the Desolace series.

About the Author
Lucian began his writing career late in 2010, but has spent most of his life writing stories. He is a fantasy/horror novelist that enjoys weaving aspects of the paranormal into each story. Lucian's first published works were released in 2012. He is currently working on the fifth book of the Desolace Series, Cemetery Hill. Lucian lives in Pueblo, Colorado.

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