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Spotlight | Gravity (The Michaels Family) by Tracey Poueu-Guerrero

Book: Gravity (The Michaels Familiy)
Author: Tracey Poueu-Guerrero
Genre: YA/Romance
Length: 550 pages
Publisher: Kindle Direct Publishing
Release Date: October 5, 2013



Eva Michaels has been groomed for greatness on the field and on the court. Her four brothers have trained her and molded her into one of the top female athletes in California. Oblivious to her beauty, she hides behind the tomboy persona. She’s happy with her routine. Until the day she meets the emerald-eyed Dream-Boy who saves her from a hazing at the hands of the neighborhood bully.

Colton Banks never looks back when his mother moves him across the states. He meets the Michaels, the family next door. He quickly becomes part of the family and the only friend that Eva Michaels has ever had. He is captivated by her. He's never met anyone like her. As kids, being friends was easy because Eva's brothers were always around as a buffer. As teenagers, they fight hard to suppress their attraction as they struggle to maintain, at times, an awkward friendship.

College changes everything. They both accept scholarships to Stanford and for the first time in her life, Eva is living life without the security blanket she grew up with. Her brothers. At first, they try to keep things simple and remain "just friends." But the temptation becomes too great. Their passion undeniable. The harder they try to fight it; the more powerful becomes the pull towards each other. Colton longs to take their relationship to the next level but fears he may push Eva away for good. Eva is besieged with longing and aches to be Colton's. She can’t quite come to grips with how strong her desire for him truly is. Unable to resist the pull any longer, they finally surrender to everything, the force being too great to keep them simply … friends. But how long can their happiness last?

Someone from the past surfaces and Eva is left with a choice, the outcome of which can affect both of their lives. Can the secret she keeps ruin their future together? While Colton is convinced Eva is the one for him, will his own fears be their undoing? Staying together becomes harder when tragedy hits and the strength of their love is put to the ultimate test. Can they withstand the outside influences that continually threaten to tear them apart? Can one of them sacrifice their own happiness so that the other can fulfill their dream?

This is a coming of age love story. (YA) Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual situations.

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*About the Author*
I am a true NorCali'n, born and raised in the same place I still live in. I love everything about Sonoma County. Went to college, law school, worked too many years behind a desk helping others make millions at the sacrifice of my own happiness.
Now ...it's me time. (Sorta).   My life and love consist of my family, sports, music and of course ... reading. My days are so crazy I can't keep track of what just happened the day before ...[smh]...it's true...#realtalk.   Some of my favorite authors include: Colleen Hoover, Madeline Sheehan, Lani Wendt Young, Sieni A.M., and me of course ;-)    I was born to Tupotu and Joyce Poueu, have (surprisingly only) two siblings (Sheri and Sam) and have an amazing long line of family ties that span across the world. Very proud of my Samoan/Tokelauan background but I am a true blue American mixed with so much more. 

I am married to my high school sweetheart (Dannie) and mother to four amazingly blessed children (Tanielu, Talia, Tiare and TeHani).  I grew up an athlete loving all sports, now I enjoy watching my own children play various sports, help run a non-profit youth sports program with an amazing group of people, and coach high school softball.   Love the idea of adding "author" to my list. I speak from the heart and hope to write heart-wrenching, angst-filled, fabulous love stories that will always have a sprinkle of my cultural background.   I speak from what I know, have experienced OR have dreamed about ;-). If you love my book - I love to hear from fans of the book; love to chat about what their favorite parts were and how it made them feel (if anything).  I am a hopeless romantic - loving even the worst movies or books so long as there is a good love story ... hmmm, well, maybe that's a stretch. Hmmm, come to think of it ... it's probably accurate; considering my sister and I can find a lead man in most Romance movies [not so attractive] at the beginning and by the end of it, develop a mad-cougar-like-crush-of-a-century on the poor guy because now he is the most awesome boyfriend character ever made ... at least until the next goofy romance movie we go watch. I laugh the loudest when I'm watching a funny movie. I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers.  I enjoy my numerous YA (even paranormal) list of TV series but am an even bigger SOA fan then my husband likes (#TeamJax).  I think Im related to the Rock (but then again ...what Samoan isn't? hahahaha) which may be awesome if he wasn't so H.O.T.  I miss my annual vacations in Hawaii. I wish I had an awesome super power. I'm a member of Olivia Pope's Gladiator team, and love to eat sweet delicious desserts of any kind.  [That was the funnest paragraph I have ever written].

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