Saturday, December 14, 2013

Best of 2013 | Vote Final Round #AYWRBestof2013

First Annual AYWR
~ Best of 2013 ~ 
~ Vote Final Round ~
Dec 14th - Dec 20th
Participants ~ Our Followers

We would like to invite you one last time to like (vote for) your favorite new releases of 2013!  Nominations and our first round of voting have come to a close and we are now looking for the Top 10 Best New Release of 2013!  We would wanna hear from our followers.  We are keeping the final voting round open for one (1) week only!  This round will close Dec 20th at 10PM CST.  Make sure to "Like Your Favorite New Release of 2013" today!

Once again you may like as many of the titles "As You Wish" although we would appreciate if you only like a title one (1) time. Please do not click like over and over.  We would like the final voting round to be fair for all authors. You are more than welcome to share this post with your friends asking them to vote for a specific title listed to increase the number of likes.

  1. Scroll through the list of nominated book titles
  2. Click Like on your favorite titles to cast your vote (just above the Title)
  3. Share this post on social media sites so others may vote
Note:  Your votes today will narrow the list of book titles down to ten!  That's right only ten (10) of your favorite new releases of 2013 will be awarded next week! On Dec 21st we will announce the AYWR Top Ten Best of 2013!!!

As You Wish Reviews


  1. I was (am) so thrilled to find out all three of Sekhmet's Guardians was nominated and made it to the finals.... Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful event.
    Always, V

  2. Such an honor to be among such amazing authors :).


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