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Tour Stop | Interview with Lance | Eternal Blades by @AuthorVSNelson

Eternal Blades
Sekhmet’s Guardian’s Book Three
By: V.S. Nelson

Our guest today is Lance, who is the eyes and ears for Guardians Incorporated. Over the past two months we have interviewed two other ancients associated with G.I.

I can’t wait to hear what secrets Lance is willing to share with us today. Currently, he is standing out in the hall to my office, but before I let him in, I wanted to share with you, what this hunk looks like. Needless to say, I’m drooling all over myself. I guess he stands about six foot four; has the most incredible blue eyes I have ever seen and he has long sandy blond hair which is pulled back into a pony tail. He’s dressed in black leathers and is wearing a black skull cap with the words, “bite me” written in red on the front, which also gives him the appearance of a biker…

And now, its time to open that door…

Julia: Lance, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be here today. 

Lance: Thank you for having me. I’ve heard a lot of great things about you from my brethren.

Julia: Please have a seat. ..They say you are the eyes and ears behind G.I. What does that mean; exactly. 

Lance: As you know G. I. is a world wide protection agency who works openly in the human world. We have offices around the world and protect everything from dignitaries to world leader to rock legends when we are not fighting off Set’s Legions, our age old enemy who is dead set on destroying the human race. For the past thirty or so years, I’ve ran the computer control systems for the agency. Guess that is because I have a love for computers and modern day gadgets.

Julia: You don’t look a day over twenty five… I’m a bit confused here…? 

Lance: Guess you forgot what else we at G. I. are. I stopped aging at twenty six, and that my dear, was a very long time ago.

Julia: Oh yeah, Gabriel told me you are all older than dirt… It’s just so hard to visualize…You look so young.

Lance: Wish I felt it…

Julia: Don’t all of us. So what can you tell me about Ms. Nelson’s latest edition? I believe the title of the third book in the series is Eternal Blades which was recently released …

Lance: You’re right on that, Eternal Blades was released the first week of November. I’m happy and proud to say, it is my story… well mine and Tshering’s story.

(A broad smile graces blonde’s face.)

Julia: Think I’ve heard that name once before, but who is Tshering. I know nothing about her. 

 Lance: Tshering is the love of my life. The lady I have been waiting for…

Julia: Stop…. I’m a bit confused here. I was under the impression that you are quite the lady’s man… at least that is what I heard. If what I heard was true, how can you say, you’ve been waiting for Tshering. 

Lance: Just because a man plays the field, doesn’t mean he isn’t looking for something special? Believe me when I tell you Tshering is like no other woman I have ever met.

Julia: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend or imply… 

(Lance winks) 

 Lance: No biggy… I’m actually quite use to people giving me a bad time… Guess my reputation precedes me. But that is all changed now. I’m a one woman man from here on.

Julia: Really? Sounds like you got bit by the love bug? 

 Lance: You could say that.

Julia: So what makes Tshering so special? I understand the mansion is full of beautiful women.

Lance: It is, but looks aren’t everything. Tshering not only has an usual beauty about her, she is smart, funny and …. Well, maybe I shouldn’t tell you everything. Guess you’ll just have to pick up a copy of Eternal Blades and find out for yourself what a unique creature she is.

(I can’t help but laugh, what a sales pitch!) 

Julia: Now you really have me interested… Why did you use the word creature? 

Lance: I’m not saying another word on the subject.

(He’s got the biggest smirk on his face I have seen yet. I look down at my notes and try to find another question that doesn’t relate to Tshering or his love life.) 

Julia: What can you tell us about Set’s Legions? I’ve heard they are a nasty lot. 

 Lance: Right again. They are the cruelest, soulless bastards on Earth. You don’t want to be messing with them in any way shape or form. They would just as soon drain you dry as to look at you… A few months ago we thought their tyranny was coming to end. Their numbers were dwindling fast and I felt it was only a matter of time before we would be able to return to our home world. Then one of the Legion’s soldiers discovered the art of resurrection. Four of Set’s Primes resurfaced and all hell broke out. It’s been all we can do to keep a lid on the chaos they have caused.

Julia: Oh my, I never knew things were that bad. 

 Lance: They are and from what I understand things are about to get a lot worst.

Julia: Really? 

Lance: Really, make no mistake about it… they are set on destroying your world and we are here to stop them.

Julia: Thank heavens for that… Do you think you really stand a chance against them? 

(I get one of those; “are you kidding me,” looks and know I have asked the wrong question again. It’s about that time; Lance pulls out his cell phone.) 

 Lance: Speaking of the devil incarnate… I’m sorry but I’m needed back at the compound asap.

Julia: I understand. I hope it isn’t anything too serious… 

 Lance: Serious enough… If you’ll forgive me…

…and with that, Lance disappears out of my office. Now, I don’t mean he walks out, the man or what ever he is, vanishes into think air. He’s standing there one minute, poof, gone the next! I tell my secretary to hold all my calls, cancel my appointments… I think I need a drink after witnessing that…


Tshering Snow never meant to fall hopelessly in love with her savior, the Ancient, known as Lance, but she did. He seems to care deeply for her, spending every available hour with her, but will he be able to give up his past and settle down with one woman? After all, he has the reputation of a playboy.

Lance hates the personification he has created around himself. Afraid the others might not understand why; he has held back the truth from Gabriel and the other Guardians, he has waited for the right woman, the one Sekhmet prophesized so long ago. And now he has found her. When he is accused of fathering a child by both Gabriel and Tshering, how can he make them believe the child is not his, even if the boy is a spitting imagine of him?

After the women are attacked by Set’s Legions while relaxing on Jennifer’s new yacht, they come to the unanimous decision; they will train and join the Guardian forces. But that’s not as easy as it was meant to be. Old fashioned and hard headed, Gabriel is determined he will not having women fighting in their war.

When Tshering, Jennifer and Jessica are taken hostage by Set’s Legions all hell breaks loose on the Guardian’s compound. Lost without their mates, brother fights brother while they try save their women and put an end to the Legion’s terror. Will Sekhmet, the goddess they serve, step in and reveal the truth or will she leave them to find their own solutions to a never ending war as she has in the past?

After reading both Eternal Lovers & Eternal Nights, I knew VS Nelson would bring it once again with Eternal Blades!  Loving every scene, the characters, the romance...  The lure Lance has on you is too hard to resist.  I found myself half way through before I knew it, up wee hours of the night reading...  There's just no getting enough of Lance...  ::sigh::

Never expecting to fall in love, Tshering lacks the confidence when she finds herself deeply in love with playboy, Lance.  The attraction and chemistry between them cannot be ignored.  There's no denying it, they are meant to be with each other...  Though the obstacles the two must overcome will leave you with doubt.  The question you'll ask yourself, "Will Tshering and Lance come together in the end?"

I wanted nothing more than to rise and fall with the characters emotions, scream and shout when things didn't go my way, and yet it was great! I loved it!

Author Info
With a love for history, Native American author V.S. Nelson, instructed elementary, high school and college in the U.S. and abroad before launching her second writing career.

V has been a story-teller all her life, always creating stories about people discovering the courage to make a difference. This drove her into writing her paranormal series centering on strong relationships and led her to coin the term: Ancient Legends, New Worlds.

She is well known for her “time management and sprint style writing,” producing well over five thousand words daily - consecutively.

V is available for speaking engagements, appearances and is more than willing to share her methodology with others in a variety of workshops.

A member of three RWA chapters she sits on several committees and judges writing contests across the states.

In Jan, 2013, Eternal Lovers, the first book in her eleven book paranormal series, Sekhmet’s Guardians launched with a fury. Being a series reader herself, she has held true to her promise by releasing no less than two books in the series per year in addition to her other work.

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  1. Julia, thank you so much for hosting again today... Loved the interviews! And the reviews (of course). Hope your Thanksgiving went well. Always, V (and the guys)


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