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Review | Hello, Love! by E. Journey

Title:  Hello, Love! [A Modern Love Story]
Author:  E. Journey
Genre:  Romance
Length:  198 Pages
Released:  Nov. 7, 2013


Heartache and the specter of revenge follow when sparring partners spend the night together two days before he weds someone else.

In this modern-day pastiche of 19th-century romance novels by Elizabeth Gaskell (North and South) and Jane Austen, the heroine, a bright young lawyer, confronts choices about career, abortion, and reactions of parents, friends, and men; while he, an alpha male haunted by past relationships, reveals a sensitive, caring side that emerges as he woos the heroine.


Picking up this book and many books by authors I have never read before is a journey in itself for me personally. It takes me a little while to get into the story and the change of writing skills. Not long into the pages of this book, I was captured by the characters, Greg and Elise.

Greg's history and Elise's demeanor was a cause for catastrophe in my eyes. They say opposites attract yet with Greg and Elise there was common ground. Something for them to focus on, to build on and after a while their focus grew into so much more.

As modern bachelors go, Greg fits the bill perfectly. Handsome and sweet, thoughtful and caring when it comes to his own gain. When Elise walks into his life everything changes. He no longer thinks as he used to, wanting to get to know her, he's stunned by this change in attitude. As a playboy, he can have any woman he wants, yet Elise captures more than his sensual thoughts, she captures his heart.

The cover is unique in it's own way, different from other romance novels out there. After reading about the author, the cover fits the story perfectly. It doesn't give anything away and describes the title and story within.

About the Author
I am a flâneuse. What is that, you ask? The closest approximation: a female observer-wanderer. I write about, and illustrate (oils, pastels, digital) what I see that intrigues me. In a past life, with a now-dormant Ph.D., (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana), and the primacy of my left brain, I researched, evaluated and developed mental health programs.

But writing was my first love and I wanted to be a journalist, but my parents balked at that. I was 15, malleable, and dependent on them for support, so I compromised and went into the social sciences, actually preferable to chemistry, my parents' choice.

My first novel, Margaret of the North, is illustrated with digital "paintings" done on an iPad. My book website is: for articles on books and writing, some reviews, and interviews.

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