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Interview | Five Years (A Fire in Redbridge) by LM Langley

LM Langley
Interview with Alex & Casey
by LM Langley

LM Langley: Hello, Alex, Casey.

Alex: Sup.

Casey: Hi. How are you?

LM Langley: I’m okay. Interviewing you is a little intimidating. What about yourselves?

Alex: We hate being interviewed. We’ve had bad experiences with it before.

Casey: Tell me about it! I don’t even know why we agreed to this.

LM Langley: Well, you don’t have a choice.

Casey: Do we ever? Alex, stop rolling your eyes! Pr-

LM Langley: I don’t know if you are allowed to swear, so let’s not, okay?

Alex: Good luck with that one.

Casey: Whatever.

LM Langley: Do you guys even like each other?

Alex: I like Casey. Well, I used to really dislike her, but she has grown on me.

Casey: Yeah, I like Alex. He is okay.

LM Langley: He’s... okay?

Casey: Yeah, he’s okay. He gets on my nerves a lot, and he is not as careful as he should be, but he is always there when I need him. I think your eyes are going to get stuck like that.

LM Langley: Alex, why did you dislike Casey?

Alex: Because she was dating my friend Nate and he wasn’t having a good time. I think I misspoke. I never disliked Casey, I just never trusted her. She’s - well, she’s kind of hard to get to know. Hard to trust.

Casey: He’s only saying that because he is jealous.

Alex: Jealous? Please. Nate liked me more than he ever liked you.

LM Langley: Is this something you are always in competition over?

Casey: We are not in competition. Nate is dead, so what is there to compete over?

Alex: I’m sorry to interrupt, but when Nate was still around, it wasn’t like we were in competition. We just didn’t like each other. We didn’t get on.

LM Langley: How did that change?

Casey: For me, when Nate died, there was kind of no one else back in Redbridge. There was my family, but my family travels a lot, and they didn’t know him that well, so they didn’t understand what I was going through.

Alex: Yeah, Nate’s death was what ended up bringing us together.

LM Langley: Did he want the two of you to get along?

Alex: Hm. To be honest, I can’t remember. Probably. Casey?

Casey: Sure. I don’t think he would have minded.

LM Langley: Okay,I just want to address something - there are a lot of rumors about you. Do you want to clear some things up?

Alex: What is there to clear up? People can say whatever they want about us.

LM Langley: What about the elevator incident?

Casey: Okay, that happened once. It did happen, but I don’t know how it got out.

Alex: I told Joanne.

Casey: You told your sister?

Alex: Yeah... also, your family did have that intervention.

LM Langley: Okay, okay, moving on. Are the two of you a couple?

Alex: Oh my God.

Casey: Look at us. Do we look like a couple to you?

LM Langley: I don’t know! That’s why I’m asking you. There is a lot of speculation about the nature of your relationship.

Casey: They’ll have to keep speculating. Our private lives are private.

LM Langley: Speaking of privacy, it seems like you two have a lot of secrets...

Alex: Absolutely not. I’m an open book.

Casey: Yeah, same here.

LM Langley: ...Alright, then. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about Redbridge?

Casey: It’s like, a small town. There’s an independent coffee shop, a few Churches and Williston High School. Oh, and there’s a bridge in the middle of town.

Alex: Yeah, it’s small. Everyone knows each other. Word spreads fast.

LM Langley: How do you like it?

Alex: We don’t. Is that a serious question?

LM Langley: I can see why. Actually, I’m not surprised you don’t like it. So how do you deal with that?

Alex: We don’t.

Casey: Right, we don’t. We keep to ourselves.

Alex: We are good kids. Although we smoke a lot.

Casey: He smokes a lot. I only smoke when he is around.

LM Langley: Right. Tell us a little bit about Nate.

Casey: He was nice.

Alex: Yeah, he was nice. He was a good person.

LM Langley: Anything in particular that stands out? Any memories?

Alex: Well, Nate was a childhood friend. We grew up together. I considered him my brother.

Casey: When I moved from New York into this tiny, super conservative town, I didn’t know how I was going to live. My sister Lucia got super popular quick, but I just felt like a total outcast. Nate was the only person that like, reached out to me. Without him, I would have gone crazy.

Alex: Yeah. Totally.

LM Langley: Okay, well, thank you for the interview.

 Five Years
A Fire in Redbridge
by LM Langley


Nothing much ever happens in Redbridge. Nothing, until Nate, a bright young man who is visiting his family during his freshman year, drives to his death.

Casey was the only witness to the crash that killed her high school sweetheart. Together with Alex, his best friend, she will look into what happened. How far are they willing to go for someone they may not have known at all?

Casey has always been an outsider in the small town of Redbridge. Her only tether was Nate. When Nate dies, Casey is forced to turn to the one person in Nate's life she never got along with - Alex. Casey doesn't know that Alex has a few secrets of his own... secrets that are about to affect her life in unimaginable ways.

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