Friday, November 22, 2013

Best of 2013 | Nomination Round

First Annual AYWR
~ Best of 2013 ~ 
~ Nomination Round ~
Nov 23rd - Dec 6th
Participants ~ Our Followers

We would like to invite you to nominate your favorite new releases of 2013!  We strive to spotlight & host as many authors as we possibly can.  Participating in everything from Cover Reveals to Official Tours.  Allowing authors to be a guest on our blog as well as interviewing authors just to get to know them better!  We would like to hear from our followers now.  With so many new releases to choose from we are keeping the nomination round open for two (2) weeks only!  Make sure to get "Your Favorite New Release of 2013" nominated today!

Nominations should be New Releases Only - Released between December 7th 2012 - December 6th 2013...  We will not accept books released prior or thereafter.

- Below AYWR Button
- See "You are next... Click here to enter"
- Click link to enter your nomination
- Enter the following information:
  1. Direct Amazon Link
  2. Title by Author
Then choose "Auto crop my image"
Finally click get image From Web.

Note: Entering your name and email will allow for us to contact you once the next round begins by email! If your Amazon link to your nominated book is not recognized be sure it's not a link from searching the title, it must be the direct link.

Here is an example:
Good Link:

Not Recognized Link:

As You Wish Reviews


  1. Can I use an amazon worldwide redirect link for the url to the book in the nominations? It redirects people to their local amazon, but doesn't say amazon in the url.

    1. Yes Joyce I do not see why not! Thanks for participating!

  2. I used the authors book URL for the ones I nominated, will that work? TIA :)


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