Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cover Reveal / Chasing Freedom by Arielle Caldwell

Nevermore Press Covers created this beautiful cover!


World Collapse happened 18 years ago. There weren’t many survivors. Mayor Meirnon became ruler of Ethica. He built a wall to keep anyone from escaping and forced the people into poverty. 

Paradin is an 18 year old girl who wants her freedom. She starts asking questions and becomes defiant towards Meirnon. She must fight for her freedom from a government who would kill her so no one found out the truth. This is the year she’s eligible for The Acquiring, a ceremony for the drawing of the troops. She would rather run than serve in Meirnon’s army.

Marindra is her best friend who tries to keep Paradin out of trouble. Gallan is a bad influence Paradin can’t live without. 

All she wants is her freedom and to find out the truth to what’s outside the walls. Her unbearable loss will only fuel her. What she discovers will shock her. Can she bring down Meirnon and expose him? Will she be able to get the freedom she desperately wants?

About Arielle:

Arielle Caldwell began writing in grade school but never pursued a career in it until early 2012. She started writing poetry in middle school and progressed to books a few years later. She is a proud Cajun from Louisiana but was raised in Pensacola, Florida. Shortly after graduating high school, she joined the US Navy where she met her husband and became the mother of two wonderfully crazy little boys. After separating from the military, she decided to go to college in Texas. A year later, she moved back to Pensacola when offered a job at the naval base as a civilian contractor. She is currently juggling college, work, family, writing, managing her website, Arc Indie Reviews, and being a columnist for APSS, the new Small Publishers of America newsletter. She loves going to the river with her family and friends or to the water park for a few hours. Her Kindle is overflowing with books, she loves rock music the most, and she loves to sing and dance with her children around the house. Her first series, The Nerita Torlan Trilogy, has two books currently released. “Burning in Water” is her debut book, also being book one in the series with “Drowning in Fire” book two, released as well. Book three is “The Awakening” and in the works. “After-Ending” is her dystopian novel that has a planned release of beginning to mid 2014. She resides in Pensacola with her husband, two kids, and their Great Dane, Scooby. 

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