Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Release | How to Date Japanese Idols by Cilia Jaspers

Title: How to Date Japanese Idols
Author: Cilia Jaspers
Length: 90,000 words
Genre: Contemporary
Available Formats: Kindle digital and Amazon POD
Publisher: Books with Benefits Press
Cover Artist: Jessica Wise

Dear Yoh Gakino,

Normally, I wouldn't be caught dead writing to a celebrity crush, but knowing superstars from Tenshi won't read random fan letters, I’m gonna put it all out there! My friends are always telling me to let more stuff go. So . . . here goes nothing . . .

I’m just a normal everyday nobody. About a year ago I left the States to teach in Taiwan. I didn’t speak Mandarin, and at the time, driving a scooter in traffic-filled streets terrified me.

I was home-bound and homesick . . . until a student of mine insisted that I watch a video of your band in concert.

Instant addiction.

I’ll admit that at first I was smitten with another Tenshi member. I mean, what girl doesn’t love the bad boy leader at first sight? Then there was you. But like all celebrity crush junkies, I had to have more more more. I’m ashamed to admit it, (thank God no one’s going to read this), but I watched and listened to everything I could get my hands on. EVERYTHING.

Not a note of your 10-year career was missed. Concerts. Albums. Interview Guest Appearances. Television dramas. Variety Shows. Movies. Who knew Japanese pop stars had their own TV shows? I didn’t! It was a revelation and a gift.

Tenshi made me laugh. Out loud. More times than I can count and more often than I can ever repay. A single letter of gratitude isn’t enough, but it will have to do. It doesn’t matter that you’ll never see it because one letter in so many can’t possibly make a difference, right?

But, Gakino, I also want to thank you--and you in particular. Your laugh, so special and totally your own, was special to me. You’ll never read this, so what will it hurt to admit that your smile makes me light headed? I guess I go a little crazy and that’s why I’m sitting here typing this out to you. And oh God--I know you’re dancing, but your hands drive me crazy when you move on stage. They’re always moving, never still. You’re kind of magical. Like your smile. How do people stand your smile up close? It’s hard enough seeing how happy and friendly you are on a TV screen; I can’t imagine what it’s like up close. Plus, who knew a man could wear stage costumes like you and Tenshi do and still look like, well, a man.

I can’t believe I just wrote all that. I’ll have to delete this in a second. If anyone ever found this letter I think I’d jump off the roof of my apartment building. You probably would have no idea what it said anyway if I did send it. Luckily that won’t ha-

<message sent to gakino-sos-from-japan@ezweb.ne.jp at 5:15am>

How does a sensible teacher at a foreign boarding school end up at a Japanese pop-idol autograph signing with a thousand screaming teenage girls? This is the question Eloise Bromleigh finds herself asking when she ends up in this very situation. Eloise has always struggled to find a home, and teaching abroad has been her path to finding it. When a beloved student introduces her to the wonders of a Japanese pop band, Eloise is hooked despite herself. When the same students begs her to go to a concert and get something signed, Eloise can’t say no. In the sea of screaming fans, Eloise presents one of the idols with an irresistible opportunity to slow down for a moment. When she charms him by chance, he grabs the opportunity to seek her out on her own turf. Eloise must struggle against his undeniable appeal to her mind, her heart, and, yes, even her body before he breaks down her defenses and leaves her just another screaming fan girl. His star power takes her to the edge of her world, and Eloise has to decide if she’s willing to jump. When all a girl wants is a place to call hearth and home, how does she date a Japanese Idol?

Cilia Jaspers is . . . actually a duo! Jessica and April are best friends who met in grad school. (Mix up their names and it spells Cilia Jaspers). While getting their masters in English, Jess and April would hold secret meetings to declare their love for all things romance and say, in whispered tones, that they preferred Nora Roberts over Samuel Richardson. After graduation, these besties moved to Taiwan where they taught, explored Asia . . . and wrote romance. The Tenshi series is their debut collaboration. Jessica also writes as J.W. Ashley. Her latest release, Into the Woods, is a paranormal romance available in print and digital formats.


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