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Blog Tour / The Singing River by RK Ryals

The Singing River
NA Contemporary
By R.K. Ryals
Cover Design By Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and Photography


In Mississippi, there's a legend about a Singing River, a tragic love story that ended with an entire Indian tribe singing a death chant as they marched stoically into the Pascagoula River to die ...

At eighteen, Haven Ambrose isn't just a high school graduate. In her head, she's an aspiring writer, a traveler, a chef, a slayer of injustice, an astronomer, an archaeologist, and the love child of a famous, rich musician. But reality is harsher. Reality is overdue bills, a crumbling trailer, an absent father, an old addiction, and a hot, crushing summer that may end in disappointment. 

For twenty year-old River Brayden, life seems good, but appearances can be deceiving. The oldest son of a wealthy family, he has finished his first year at Harvard to return home for the summer only to discover his younger brother headed down an unforgiving road. 

They will be drawn together by a song. For during the late summer, they say the Pascagoula death chant can still be heard near the Singing River. Its call is haunting, its chant a testament of love and sacrifice. It calls to some ... beckoning.


I stepped toward her. “You have a way of making people relate to you.”

She snorted. “I doubt that.”

I was in front of her now, my face peering down into hers. “Really, you do. A few hours of knowing you feels like days.”

“Sounds tiresome,” she teased.

“It’s a gift,” I countered.

There were sudden lines in her forehead, a troubled look in her eye. “Some might call it a curse,” she murmured. “By the end of this trip, you’ll want me gone.”

It was my turn to frown, my gaze studying her face. She had green eyes so dark they could be mistaken for brown and lashes so long they almost touched her brows. True, she was more willowy than curvy, but she was beautiful in an understated, elegant kind of way. The faint freckles on the bridge of her nose drove me crazy.

“Why do you think that?” I asked.

There was something stark and open about her eyes when she answered, “Because I am better at being abandoned than I am at keeping people.”

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The Singing River by RK Ryals is an amazing book. The story is very interesting and it had my attention from the very beginning.

Haven Ambrose is an eighteen year old high school graduate who is born into poverty. She lives with her mother and is a waitress at the local diner. Haven has college put on hold for a while until her mother gets a job.

River Brayden is young man who is born into money. He is attending college but is home for the Summer break. His younger brother, Roman is going through some issues and River is wondering what is going on with him. 

Haven and River’s journey together begins. It all starts out about the legend of the river. Earlier that day, they met each other for a few minutes at the diner when he was with his younger brother Roman. That afternoon after work, Haven’s mom tells her about her going camping with her boss’s friend. He is investigating about the legend of the river. River’s uncle shows up and he finds out about the camping trip and he decides to go and bring his younger brother, Roman along too whether he wants to or not. They didn’t know until the day of the camping trip that they were going to be together investigating the legend. 

What will happen between Haven and River on this camping trip?

RK Ryals has done an awesome job writing this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book. I highly recommend my friends to check this out. 

I give this book 5 Dandies!!

About The Author:

R. K. Ryals is a scatterbrained mother of three whose passion is reading whatever she can get her hands on. She makes her home in Mississippi with her husband, three daughters, a Shitzsu named Tinkerbell, and a coffeepot she couldn't live without.

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  1. Amazing story had me with the first page I hope this book will continue I would love to read more not only is the book amazing the author is a sweet as they come and knows how to reel you in and leave you wanting more if you have not read is book I highly recommend you do you will love it.


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