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Tour Stop | Wicked Hunger by DelSheree Gladden

Book Title: Wicked Hunger
Series: SomeOne Wicked This Way Comes
Author: DelSheree Gladden
Release Date: July 9th
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Length: 95,000 words/240 pages
Publisher: GMTA Publishing LLC
Presented by: As You Wish Tours

10 Tips for becoming a better writer

First…read. There is so much writers can learn from reading. When I review books, I can always tell which writers are avid readers and which aren’t. Non-readers don’t know the conventions readers expect, and it hurts the readability.

Read what is currently hot in your genre. Know what readers want to read about. You can write the greatest book, but if the market for what you’re writing is too small, your work will never take off.

Write the genre you like to read. If you love reading mysteries, but decide to try your hand at YA because it’s getting the most buzz right now you may find that harder than you think. Each genre has a voice, a feel, its own vernacular. Without knowing these details in and out, readers will spot you as an outsider right away.

Talk to people who read your genre. If you’re writing YA, talk to teens. Listen to how they talk, what they talk about, and how they interact with each other.

Write what you know. This is one I’m sure every writer has heard, but it’s one you really only learn well after experiencing readers calling you on mistakes a couple of times.

If number 5 isn’t possible, research, research, research! I once took a college course on New Mexico history just to learn more about the Native American tribes I was writing about. Creating realistic settings can bring a whole new level of interest to your book.

Writing characters that readers care about can be a huge challenge. The best way to make a realistic character is base them on real life. Now, I do not recommend basing a character off that one guy you were in love with in high school. It might be awkward if they find out later. Instead, take bits and pieces of people you have known or met. Start with what made these people memorable and go from there.

Don’t let your characters be one-dimensional. No one is good all the time, and no one is evil all the time. Even the most villainous character can have moments of compassion. People aren’t driven by only one thing. Make sure your characters always have at least two sources of motivation.

Make the hard decisions when it comes to characters. You may want your character to stand up to her abuser and fight back, but in reality, that doesn’t happen very often. Characters doing what you want them to do rarely makes the best story.

This is another one every writer has heard before, but just keep writing. I have written whole novels that will never see the light of day. But I learned something from each of them that made my next book better. I’ve heard is takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. I’m hoping I’ll be able to beat that, but I’m willing to put in the time no matter how long it takes.


Vanessa and Zander Roth are good at lying. They have to be when they are hiding a deadly secret. Day after day, they struggle to rein in their uncontrollable hunger for pain and suffering in order to live normal lives. Things only get worse when Ivy Guerra appears with her pink-striped hair and secrets. The vicious hunger Ivy inspires is frightening, not to mention suspicious.

Vanessa’s instincts are rarely wrong, so when they tell her that Ivy’s appearance is a sign of bad things to come, she listens. She becomes determined to expose Ivy’s secrets. Vanessa tries to warn her brother, but Zander is too enamored with Ivy to pay attention to her conspiracy theories.

One of them is right about Ivy … but if they lose control of their hunger, it won’t matter who is right and who is wrong. One little slip, and they’ll all be dead.

Delsheree Gladden's first book in her new YA series SomeOne Wicked This Way Comes is a riveting story of uncontrollable bloodlust that turns dealing with family, friendships, trust, devotion and love into a WICKED HUNGER~~~Susan Stec, author of Dead Girls Never Shut Up and The Grateful Undead Series.

DelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology. Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities. When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually teaching yoga, coaching gymnastics, reading, painting, sewing, or working as a Dental Hygienist. Her works include Escaping Fate, Twin Souls Saga, and The Destroyer Trilogy. DelSheree's newest series, The SomeOne Wicked This Way Come series, follows Vanessa and Zander Roth, siblings with an uncontrollable hunger for pain and suffering that will either gain them limitless power or lead them to their deaths.

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