Thursday, August 1, 2013

Teaser | Erotic Interludes by Susan Griscom & Anabel Blue


REKINDLED by S.M. Griscom

The river flowed by in little ripples. Maggie leaned over the rail to get a glimpse of the water spewing from under the stern. The Coastal King, larger than she had imagined, sped past the small waves, spawning a smooth flow of white spume in its wake. She had no idea what time it was and didn’t care. The moon hung low in the sky, so she figured it was still early, early enough to have another glass of champagne before dinner. After all, it was their wedding anniversary.

Turning away from the railing, empty glasses in hand, Maggie and Tom headed for the slim door to their room. Tom, a rather tall man, had to duck to enter. Without saying a word, they headed straight for the bottle sitting in the ice bucket on the antique desk, a rather ornate piece of furniture complete with ink well and pull-out writing tray. As it was their third glass of champagne that evening, and feeling a bit tipsy, she took extra care not to allow Tom to spill any of the bubbly on the rich mahogany finish and held her glass a little to the left and over the carpet. Tom poured the sparkling liquid down the side of her flute as Maggie licked her lips with anticipation. Champagne was her favorite alcoholic beverage.

Before sipping, Tom leaned down and brushed his lips over hers, a tender gesture she found irresistible and after fifteen years of marriage, it still made her stomach flutter. Over the past few years, though, Maggie had sensed a distancing between them. Up until recently, she’d always figured that was just the way things were supposed to be. God knows, after three kids and the busy schedules they both had, who had time for sex and romance? Well, Maggie was going to change all that, starting tonight.

About the Author
Susan Griscom writes paranormal romance, but her playing field delves into a different milieu than the usual vampires and werewolves. Some day she might write about fangs and fur, but for now she prefers sticking to strong heroes and heroines confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers and abilities beyond the norm, mixed with a little romance to get the blood boiling.

A self-proclaimed dreamer, her favorite pastime is reading, but writing is her passion.

Susan, a member of Romance Writers of America, lives in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California with her very romantic husband, her small yippy dog, Riley, and her humongous black cat, Saké. Her family consists of his and hers; four wonderful sons and one beautiful daughter, four grandchildren and two more on the way. Susan has said that when a story takes hold and pulls her into the fantasy, that's magic.

You can visit Susan at or email her at or

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