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Tour Stop | The Crimson Clan by David R. Bennett

Title:  The Crimson Clan
Series:  A Destiny Phoenix Novel
Author:  David R. Bennett
Release Date:  May 31, 2013

Why do I write?

That's a good question indeed. For me, I just feel the need to tell stories. I thought for a long time that I would want to tell stories graphically through the medium of comics. Then, I realized that I was too much if a perfectionist with my art ever to complete that dream.

So I went to writing stories, even with comic books you're telling a story. But this way, I bring the reader's imagination into play. Allow them to experience through my words the actions that the characters take.

And depending on what I am writing, the reader may experience things just as the character does through their own point of view as well.

The most important part that any author or creator will tell you, I love to create. I love to weave the tale which my characters will travel through. I love to see the underdog rise and triumph over the obstacles.

And I don’t write what the in thing is; I write what comes to my head and what I want to write. This usually allows for a free flowing of ideas that weaves a wonderful tale and keeps the reader wanting for more.

I don’t write overly long paragraphs. But I try to give my readers a clear and concise picture of what is going on within the scene as well as try to give everyone of my characters their own unique voice as I hear them in my head.

Now, there are various techniques on what a writer actually does to make it easier for their manuscript to get completed. But the main thing that everyone will tell you is (like the Nike slogan for years) Just Do It. Just start typing or putting pen to paper and see where you go.

That is how my novels and stories come about. I never know what twists and turns that my novels is headed to nor how long it actually will be until I put that finally word to the manuscript.

To me just writing and seeing what happens is as exciting as watching a movie for the first time. I want to learn with the characters and see how they overcome the obstacles that may or may not come at them.

I have no special formula except write, write, write until the story ends.


"I hope it won't take too long to find, Sandra," Destiny says.

"That depends on the power of Sandy's cell, Des." Chris mutters. "Try calling her."

I do as my hunky boyfriend suggests. I dial Sandra's phone on my brother's cell.

"Hello?" I hear from the other side of the phone with some panting in between the words. Quickly, she seems to stop. "Destiny?"

"Yeah, Sandra," I say. I can hear her gasping for breath. "Where are you?"

"What the hell is going on?" She screams into the phone frantically.

"We're on the way to pick you up."

"Can you kinda hurry," Sandra asks me. “I’ve got these weird pasty freaks on my tail. For what? I don't know."

"Pasty freaks?" I say aloud. That's when I hear Brandon mutter some curse word and floor the gas pedal.

"Where are you at?"

"Near the Dillard's entrance by Four Oaks Drive."

"Okay, Sandra. Stay calm. We'll be there in five. Meet us at the west entrance of Dillard's."

"All right. Hurry." I hear the panic in Sandra's voice.

"Stay calm and peruse the store not to give any suspicions to the workers."

"K. See ya soon."

"Certainly." I say hanging up the phone.

"Destiny, what's going on?" Chris asks me as I can see the worry in his face. "Are the same ones after Sandy that invaded my home?"

"The exact same creatures. They want us. You, me, Brandon, and Sandra. They don't know about Little Michelle here. Let's keep it that way."


"We're the chosen slayers to bring balance back to this world," Brandon states. "I was sent to a boarding school for my protection when I was nine just after the birth of Destiny."

"That sucks, bro." Chris says as we reach the Mall.

It did not take us long to figure out where Sandra was. People were rushing out the doors of Dillard's in fear. Obviously, these pasty creatures were in the store and have yet to find Sandra.

However, we spot Sandra easily. She managed to mix in with the crowd that rushed out of the store. We screech to a halt. Brandon pops open the back door for Sandra to jump in.

"Sandy, get in," Brandon says to his sister.

"Your car?"

"Forget it. We can come back for it."

The dark haired brown-eyed best friend of mine, who stands at five-foot- four, an inch shorter than me, hurriedly, gets into the Tahoe. Sandra, quickly, jumps in and shuts the door.

"Chris, Miki, what's going on?" She says trying to catch her breath.

The white pasty creatures see us peel out around the Mall ring road as we make our escape after helping Sandra out.

"Hang on!" Brandon screams as one of the wraiths jumps out in front of our car. We run over it leaving a partially body badly squished all over the road.

"I've only heard if these guys before," Brandon tells us. "I don't know how to defeat them."

"Oh, great, we're screwed," Chris mutters.

He, then, gets slapped on the shoulder as their little sister sits zoned out holding her legs. Michelle is totally out of it. This is out of her level of comprehension. Or so I thought.

"Don't worry, I know to defeat these wraiths." I calmly, and confidently, say. Where did that come from?


Turning sixteen is a very important day in the life of a young girl. In Destiny’s case her birthday will not be about shopping and getting her driver’s license. The day Destiny Hope turns sixteen is the day she finds out her life is NOTHING like she thought it was.

David wrote a very fast-paced story that was full of surprises, supernatural and mythological beings, and high drama. What do you do when you find out that you are not a normal girl but are, instead, someone very important? Destiny finds out her parents are not typical parents and that secrets abound in her family. In a fight-for-her-life flight, Destiny, her best friend, boyfriend, and their little sister all learn much about themselves, their world, and their choices.

This story was a page-turner and the excitement never seemed to stop. Quickly consumed, I found the premise of David’s Destiny Phoenix world exciting. Elements from different cultures of the supernatural/mythological add diversity to the suburban setting. I give this story 3 dandies.

About the Author
David R Bennett is an author from Spring, Texas in the United States of America. He lives with his wife, Brandy, and his son, Ethan.
David R Bennett is a pen name that comes the reordering of his initials real initials. He, also, thinks the name has a ring to it.
Not only is he an author, he, also, is an illustrator. His real name is what is credited with the cover art to his novels.
He attended Rocky Mountain College if Art + Design in Denver, Colorado where he earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Advertising Graphic Design. The graphic design techniques he learned in college he uses to design his covers.
He, also, reads a lot of sci-fi / fantasy / paranormal books. Some of his favorite monsters are vampires, mummies, zombies, goblins, ghouls, werewolves, etc. He has plans to write a long string of novels in the Destiny Phoenix series and a series about an alien coming to Earth in the Alien Survivor series. Both of these series are planned as Young Adult novels.
His favorite horror flick is Resident Evil because it is scary to think that biological warfare could one day result in human extinction by undead creatures. And his favorite series of films is Star Wars and is excited about the next film coming out in 2015.

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