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Guest & Excerpt ~ Destined by Tasha Gwartney

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I started writing short stories when I was about ten years old. I would print them out on the sides of worksheets in school, basically write them on anything that was handy when the idea would pop up in my head. My elementary teachers would tell me to stop because it was disruptive and not pertaining to the subject that I was so post to be learning at the time.

All the way through school I wrote. My short stories got longer and I branched out into poetry. Some of my school teachers encouraged me to write. They even said they liked some of my work. But it wasn’t until I was a junior in High School that it really hit me that I wanted to do this. I wanted to write and reach people. To put the stories that were bouncing against the walls of my mind down on paper, and teleport someone into my own private world.

My Science teacher caught me writing a poem on the back of a test during class one day. That was a HUGE no-no in his class. You did not get side tracked. It was one of his major pet peeves. Well he asked me to stay after class that day and I was literally shaking in my platform boots. He was majorly hard on people that ticked him off during his classes. Come to find out, I wasn’t in trouble. He wanted to talk to me about the poem that he had read on the back of my end of term test. He asked if he could give it to his wife for their anniversary. I was so happy that I wasn’t in trouble that I quickly said yes then shot from the room. 

The poem that I had wrote on the back of that test was about love and loss. I had read a novel the night before really touched me. You have to remember I was sixteen. I was a teen that knew nothing of truly feeling emotions of love on this deep a level. But the novel I read the night before had me enthralled. I fell into the main character and felt every emotion that she felt, celebrated her every triumph, and cried her tears when she lost the man she loved. That was how I was able to write a poem on the back of a test that touched even my grouchy Science teacher. 

After that I wanted to be that author that transported readers and made them feel every emotion that the characters feel. That is why I write. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. 

Tasha Gwartney


This is a full length novel containing adult content. It is not meant for anyone under the age of 18.
Ella Reese has never been a normal girl. She grew up in a home where she was despised for everything that she is. She learned early on to keep her head down and try to fit into a mold that was never really meant for her. All Ella wants is to live a normal life and spend time with her two best friends. Maybe even make it through her senior year of High School without being maimed. But when Fate intervenes, picks up your roots, and sends your life in a new direction. You can’t exactly say no. Ella finds herself on a journey where she discovers herself to be a Goddess Touched True Witch with unequaled powers, falls madly soul deep in love with her chosen life mate, experiences horrific tragedies, reunites with those she thought she had lost forever, and discovers along the way that she has found a family that accepts her for who she truly is. But Fate doesn’t deal her cards lightly. When you are handed enormous power. That power comes with great responsibility. When Ella’s whole world falls apart and her love for her soul mate is put into doubt. Will she be strong enough to travel the path Fate has set her upon? Or will she fold under the weight of her new Destiny?

Find out when you read Destined.


“What has you so troubled my bell?” Jaxx joins walks slowly and cautiously closer to the bed. He kneels in front of me so that he can look directly into my eyes.

I shake my head in denial. “Nothing and everything all at once. I feel like I can’t breathe with everything weighing down on me. I have been trying to handle everything. I really have.” I look at him with pleading eyes. “But sometimes this destiny that Fate has mapped out for me scares me shitless.”

“I would think that after everything anyone would be having such thoughts. But you can’t let them control you. I am here to help you through anything you need me to. You know this.”

“Do I?” Jaxx rears back as if I have just struck him.

“No wait! You don’t understand me. I was just a regular girl until a few weeks ago. A regular girl with a really fucked life. But still a normal girl. Then I meet this impossibly incredible person and he becomes everything to me in the blink of an eye. I feel secure in you. With you!” I reach out and grab his hands. Letting him see the love I have for him in my eyes. Trying to ease the hurt look that haunts his eyes. “But Jaxx the things I am trying to talk about are the little things. The little things that make life worth living. I don’t even know your favorite color.”

“Emerald. See easy.” Jaxx smirks at me. I feel like slapping him. I am not in the mood to me placated.

“I know we are connected on a soul deep level Jaxx. I know that we were meant for each other since our births. But would you still love without the destined bond. Would you love me? The person. Not just because we were fated for each other?” I can feel the tears gathering again. I don’t know why I am trying to pick at Jaxx. I am just feeling really insecure with everything that has happened and that is so post to be happening soon.

Jaxx abruptly pulls me up by hands until we are standing toe to toe. He takes my face into his hands and looks deeply into my eyes.

“I love every breath you take. I love every beat of your heart. I love the fact that you would rather die than let someone you care about be hurt physically or emotionally. I love that you have the capacity to love at all when you haven’t been shown it enough.” Jaxx shakes his head and takes a shuttering breath. I wipe the tears that have started streaming down my cheeks.

“I have walked this earth alone for more years than I care to remember. There was no color in my life. It was all in shades of grey. I would wonder from place to place with no home to call my own. I never really connected to anyone on any level beyond friendship. I didn’t know what living was until I saw your eyes light with a fire that should have been snuffed out years ago.” Jaxx slams his mouth down on mine in a fiercely passionate kiss. When he pulls away I am breathless and humbled by this man standing before me baring his soul.

About the Author
Tasha Gwartney is a Military wife and devoted momma to a handsome little man by day. At night she drops her domestic goddess cloak and becomes an aspiring author. She lives in Central Louisiana with her family and two huskies. Tasha has been writing poetry and short stories since she was ten years of age. There wasn’t ever a time when a story plot wasn’t found somewhere in her head. Tasha has had several of her poems published. She is looking forward to publishing many more novels as well.

Her first Novel entitled Destined (Book one in The True Witch Saga) is currently published through Amazon. It is also for sale on Amazon as Ebook for Kindle and in paperback.

Tasha has always enjoyed bringing the worlds that begin inside her head to the minds of others.

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