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Title: Dark Salvation 
Author: Katie Salidas 
Series: Immortalis (Companion Novel) 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Rising Sign Books 
Release Date: April 1st


A gathering storm of violence is on the horizon. Whispered threats of the Acta Sanctorum’s return have the supernatural world abuzz. Only recently aware of the other world hidden behind our own, Kitara Vanders has barely scratched the surface of what being supernatural truly means. A special woman in her own right, she possesses unique telepathic abilities, gifts that have recently come under the scrutiny of the Acta Sanctorum, a fanatical organization whose mission is to cleanse the world of anything supernatural. Targeted, and marked for death, Kitara’s only hope lies with the lethally seductive yet emotionally scarred warrior, Nicholas. 

Knowing full well the atrocities the Acta Sanctorum is capable of, Nicholas is all too eager for the battle to begin. Fueled by pain and rage from the loss of his mate, he’s itching for a fight, but one thing stands in his way, Kitara: a beautiful dark-haired woman with unique psychic abilities and an unusual link to the Saints. Despite his resolve to remain focused on his mission, a purely physical relationship binds them together in a way neither of them expected. And when her life hangs in the balance, Nicholas finds his own is teetering on the edge too.


Kitara glanced down to the ring on her finger. The small band of gold with channel-set diamonds and sapphires had only adorned her finger for six months. She remembered the day Jeremy got down on one knee and proposed. He’d told her he was the luckiest man alive to have found her and that he’d do everything in his power to take care of her. 

How could all that have changed in such a short time? What had the Saints done to turn his affections? For that matter, what other lies had the Saints told Jeremy? 

After becoming a Saint, Jeremy had said vampires and all other supernatural beings were depraved creatures. That had been the start of the end for their relationship. She’d been labeled one of the unnatural creatures for the way she prayed under the light of the full moon. 

She’d believed that other creatures could be evil, but not her. She wasn’t a witch or anything like that. And vampires, sure, they would most certainly be on the list of bad things. But now that she’d met one, she wasn’t so sure she agreed with that assessment any more. 

Despite his abrasive attitude, that vampire – Nicholas – had showed more humanity than the jerk she’d met at the bar the previous night. He’d saved her not once, but twice, albeit in the most aggravating way possible. He hadn’t tried to bite her either. Though now that she thought about it, his mental attack on her at the club might have been exactly the kind of thing Jeremy had warned her about. Thankfully she’d been able to ward him off. The echo of a headache still remained, a subtle reminder that if she chose to fight a mental attack, she could do it. She’d just need to make sure she could find a safe place to weather the aftereffects. 

Perhaps not all Jeremy had told her had been true, but there were kernels of truth there that had her questioning everything she had known. 

Vampires were real. She’d just met one in the flesh. And though she hated to admit it, his flesh wasn’t all that bad either. She’d expected to see sallow skin and a gaunt frame, something out of Nosferatu. Maybe even some crazy looking fangs. Nicholas was nothing like that. Despite his abrasive attitude, he was attractive and muscular, his dusky blue eyes were mesmerizing, and his teeth… sharp, but very discreet. She’d only really gotten a good glance at them when he smiled. And though it made her stomach turn at the idea of what he did with those fangs, she felt a twinge of excitement seeing them. A small thought crept into her mind. What would it feel like to be bitten? As soon as the thought took form, she pushed it away. That was exactly the kind of thing that invited trouble. She’d already had plenty of that. 

The reality of this new information was unsettling. Vampires were obviously real. Witches were real. Jeremy had accused her of that more times than she could count. And if all of what Nicholas had said was true, and the Saints were killing all things unnatural, then she was a target herself. 

That couldn’t be right. No. There was no way Jeremy, the same man who once filled the entire room with candles and red rose petals, could kill her in cold blood.


Dark Salvation by Katie Salidas is the sixth book in the Immortalis Series. It is an awesome book that had my attention from the very beginning all the way to the end. The previous five books in the Immortalis Series have a different story about each of the characters in the series. Dark Salvation tells the story of Nicholas.

Nicholas is a handsome 2000 year old vampire who lives in a house with other vampires and they are like family to him. He is heartbroken due to the recent loss of his mate, Rozaline and he is trying to cope with her loss. Will he be able to go on with his life with out her? Will he ever find love again?

Kitara is a beautiful young woman who shows up in Boston looking for her ex boyfriend, Jeremy, who had left her to join a group of Hunters. This group does not like anything that is unnatural. Who is this mysterious group? Why did Jeremy leave her? Kitara is having a hard time accepting Jeremy leaving and wants to find him so she can convince him to leave the group of Hunters and go back home with her. 

Nicholas and Kitara do not know each other. One evening, they happen to meet each other for the very first time when Nicholas was in town with his Vampire friend, who is like a brother to him. Their meeting of each other did not start off well. At first, Kitara did not care for Nicholas much and his impression of her wasn’t great either. He has a feeling that there is more to Kitara and that she has some kind of special ability. Nicholas finds out later on what Kitara’s reason is of being there and she also tells him the group name of the Hunters. When Nicholas hears the name, he knows exactly who they are. 

This is the beginning of Nicholas and Kitara’s journey. They find out a lot about each other during their time together. Nicholas shows Kitara what he is and it shocks her. It was hard for her to believe that there is more of his kind out there. Kitara was in trouble and Nicholas was there to save her so he takes her back to his house to keep her safe. A few days later, Kitara disappears and Nicholas has a feeling that something bad has happened to her. Will he be able to find Kitara in time? 

Katie Salidas has done an amazing job writing Dark Salvation. I am really looking forward to going back and reading the first book in the series, Immortalis Carpe Noctem and the rest of the Immortalis Series. I definitely recommend this book to my friends to read.

I give this book 5 Dandys!!

Author Bio:

Katie Salidas is a Super Woman! Endowed with special powers and abilities, beyond those of mortal women, She can get the munchkins off to gymnastics, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, and swim lessons. She can put hot food on the table for dinner while assisting with homework, baths, and bedtime… And, she still finds the time to keep the hubby happy (nudge nudge wink wink). She can do all of this and still have time to write. 

And if you can believe all of those lies, there is some beautiful swamp land in Florida for sale… 

Katie Salidas resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mother, wife, and author, she does try to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing books is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.

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