Friday, February 22, 2019

The Dictator by Penelope Sky is RIVETING! My Review

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The only reason I'm still alive is because of the baby growing inside me.

My baby saved my life.

Now I'm a prisoner inside Cato's fortress. He's pissed at me, livid every time he looks at me. He refuses to sleep with me because now I'm the enemy.

But I miss him...and he misses me.

I only slept with Cato to save my father, but now he means something to me. I care about him, and I know he cares about me.

Can I earn his forgiveness? Can I earn his trust?

But even if I do, will he shoot me anyway?

Siena is in a heap of trouble. Cato will not even look at her. When he needs for her to do something, he simply issues an order without meeting her eyes. No discussion. No emotions. Just his somber and controlled self.

The baby she is carrying has saved her life. Now, it is time for her to work on gaining Cato's trust again. This is an almost impossible task. After all, she did set him up to get killed, even if she decided at the last minute to turn around and not go through with it.

Siena's emotions and hormones are flowing. When Cato brings home two bimbos and proceeds to take them to his bedroom, she decides he has taken their situation too far. No way is he going to sleep with two bimbos while she is living under his roof. He has not touched her since the fateful night of her betrayal so she is not going to take this sitting down any more. The scene the follows her entering his bedroom is one of the most sensual and steamy scenes I have ever read!

Yet, these two characters are living with an imposed deadline. Once the baby is born, Cato will kill her. All along Siena continues to believe Cato will never do this. So, one night, she witnesses an execution that will forever be embedded in her mind. This is the turning point. She knows she must run away before Cato makes good on killing her.

This continues to be a riveting book. You will not want to put it down until you are done. One more installment is left and hopefully, our author will hurry up and publish soon. I cannot wait to read it!

I am voluntarily reviewing this book. Thanks to the author for sharing a copy with me.

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