Dandy Rating

 photo DandyRating5_zps54a64632.jpg
Ab-so-freaking-lutely loved it! 
 photo DandyRating45copy_zps17ce8b19.jpg
Loved it! Infatuated with this book! 

 photo DandyRating4copy_zps7de78c44.jpg
I really liked it! An awesome read! 
 photo DandyRating35copy_zps930fe0da.jpg
I liked it! I would suggest this book!

 photo DandyRating3copy_zps9ac761f2.jpg
A pretty good read!

 photo DandyRating25copy_zpsf97c81b8.jpg
It was okay! 

 photo DandyRating2copy_zpsebe91673.jpg
It was alright!  Not for me! 

 photo DandyRating15copy_zpsfbc9e10f.jpg
I finished it...

 photo DandyRating1copy_zps1a0a23f9.jpg
I could not finish it...

1 comment:

  1. What are these for ? When I click them it just takes me to photo bucket. I thought maybe it was your rating system after you reviewed books and that this page was the ratings all assorted so whoever could check out all 3 dandylion (stars) reviews or to check out all 4 star reviews . but like I said when I click it it just takes me to photobucket.
    The dandelion fluff would be a very cute rating system though .


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