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(Bend To My Will #2)
by Emily Jane Trent



Seductive Affair is the second book in the Bend To My Will series, a Rinaldi Romance that unfolds over a series of novellas. Jacob Rinaldi made his fortune in wine importing, and he travels the world. He is a billionaire with his choice of women, but is obsessed with having Vivienne Lake. This is a steamy romance with bdsm elements. Throughout this hot love story, Jacob faces the darkness that threatens to engulf him. And Vivienne learns the joy of submission, while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reach.

Vivienne knows that Jacob Rinaldi is the only man for her, even if she is mad at him. On a trip to Paris, an unexpected event fuels her passion, once again. And she must make a decision.

Jacob can’t forget Vivienne, and being without her is torture. He must persuade her to accept his terms. A romantic interlude at his villa in Provence might convince her to agree to be his submissive.

Will Vivienne turn away from Jacob? Or will she give in to powerful desire?

“The thrill of the playroom had its effect, and Vivienne wanted more of the same. Yet she was emotionally conflicted. Jacob was out of her league in more than one way. Not only was he wealthy, which would take some getting used to, but he was sexually experienced.

It wasn’t just that he had been with plenty of women. Vivienne didn’t want to think about that. It was his lifestyle that concerned her, which was the only thing to call it. Jacob preferred taking her to a sort of sexual dungeon over making love in his bed.

There was no denying that Vivienne wanted the same, which made the whole experience a bit electrifying. She didn’t know what it all meant, and what exactly Jacob wanted. Since he didn’t have steady relationships, and preferred a life devoid of dating, where did that leave her?”



(Bend To My Will #1)


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SAVAGE TOWN by Kathleen Kelly Release Boost and Giveaway

by Kathleen Kelly

Release Boost
and Giveaway

Title: Savage Town
Series: Savage Angels MC #3
Author: Kathleen Kelly
Genre: MC, Contemporary/Erotic Romance
 Release Date: September 25, 2015


Tourmaline is set to host the wedding of the century.

Everyone is in town to witness rocks' wild child, Kat Saunders, marry Savage Angels MC President, Dane Reynolds.

Love is in the air, and even the VP, Jonas, has been roped into helping with the impending nuptials.

For a time now, Jonas has kept quiet about his attraction to the beautiful Adelynn but now he's making it his mission to convince her he's a changed man.

With all hearts set on a happy ending, all are oblivious to the danger lurking on the outskirts of town.

The Savage Angels MC are fierce, loyal and will do anything to protect their own, but what if 'anything' is simply not enough?

Visit Tourmaline to experience the gut wrenching, unimaginable danger that threatens to destroy everyone's chance of a happily ever after.

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Author Bio

Kathleen Kelly was born in Penrith, NSW, Australia. When she was four her family moved to Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Although born in NSW she considers herself a QUEENSLANDER!!

She married her childhood sweetheart and they live in Brisbane with their two furry kids. A British Short Hair called Grace and a Burmese called Jack.

Kathleen enjoys writing contemporary, romance novels with a little bit of erotica. She draws her inspiration from family, friends and the people around her. She can often be found in cafes writing and observing the locals.

If you have any questions about her novels or would like to ask Kathleen a question she can be contacted via e-mail: or she can be found on Facebook.

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STEELE BROTHERS Series by Jennifer Probst Have New Covers!


STEELE BROTHERS Series by Jennifer Probst Have New Covers! 

Today we are sharing the brand new covers for Jennifer Probst and her Steele Brothers Series. This series includes the titles Catch Me, Play Me, and Dare Me, but we have a surprise with this reveal! Jennifer has added a new book to the series, Beg Me, that will also be coming soon! 

Check out the details below for all the 

re-release dates.


CATCH ME (Steele Brothers, #1)

Re-releasing October 27th

CATCH ME Synopsis:

Rick Steele has avoided relationships since he caught his fiancĂ©e cheating, but when his friend refers him to the exclusive agency, FANTA-C to experience the night of his dreams, he's not prepared for his emotional and physical reaction to his date. Tara shows him a raw passion and honesty he’s never encountered. For the first time, Rick wants more than one night, but he needs to catch her first... Tara Denton escaped a brutal past and needs one night with a stranger to get beyond her sexual and emotional limitations. On the brink of recovering her strength and inde-pendence, she wants nothing to do with a relationship. But Rick Steele does more than rock her body…he rocks her heart. Tara has to make a choice, but is she ready to get caught?

PLAY ME (Steele Brothers, #2)

Re-releasing November 3rd

PLAY ME Synopsis:

Professional gambler Sloane Keller is tired of dating weak willed men and longs to meet a man who challenges her dominant personality and forces her to submit. As the Queen of Cards, she’s used to making her own rules and craves the excitement of Ve-gas. But her inner heart cries out for someone who can be her match, both inside the casino and in the bedroom. As the new dealer in town, Roman Steele is burnt out on women looking for a quick penny and a man to follow. He craves a woman with fire in her soul and a keen intel-lect who can challenge him. When his brother recommends the exclusive agency, FANTA-C to give him one perfect night, Rome is amazed at the complicated woman who challenges both his body and soul. But when the evening is over, will she be gutsy enough to offer him forever?

DARE ME (Steele Brothers, #3)

Re-releasing November 10th

DARE ME Synopsis:

As a military leader back from the war, and the youngest of his two dominant older brothers, Rafe Steele struggles with a secret. He craves surrender in the bedroom un-der the controlled hands of a Dominatrix. When his brothers offer him an experience through the exclusive agency, FANTA-C, he jumps at the chance to experience one perfect night. After one experiment, he’s sure he’ll be able to move on. But he never counted on Summer Preston to strip down his walls and make him want more so much more... An elementary school teacher with a girl next door, fresh face, Summer is constantly barraged by men who want to take care of her, but she longs to meet a strong man who can handle her dominant ways in the bedroom. Trapped in her own storybook life, she books a one-night stand to finally experience her fantasy. But she never counted on Rafe Steele to push her boundaries in both the bedroom...and her heart.

BEG ME (Steele Brothers, #4)

Brand New Release - Coming November 17th

BEG ME Synopsis:

Remington Steele comes to Vegas to be with his brothers and try to get over the one woman he's never been able to forget. As childhood sweethearts, she hadn't been able to handle his Dominant tendencies, choosing to run away without a good-bye. But when he's suddenly face to face with Cara Winters, all grown up and finally ready to be his, Remington needs to make his own choice. To leave the past behind forever, or forgive and be with the woman he's always loved? Cara wasn't ready to be the type of woman Remington needed in his life, so she dis-appeared and broke his heart. But she's changed, and is ready to embrace the woman she always craved to be. She begs him to take her for one night, and Remington finally agrees. Will they get a second chance at love, or are the scars from their past too deep to heal?  


Jennifer Probst - Bio: Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it in a folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She took a short hiatus to get mar-ried, get pregnant, buy a house, get pregnant again, pursue a master’s in English Lit-erature, and rescue two shelter dogs. Now she is writing again.

Jennifer ProbstShe makes her home in Upstate New York with the whole crew. Her sons keep her ac-tive, stressed, joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean. She is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her book, The Marriage Bar-gain, was ranked #6 on Amazon's Best Books for 2012. She loves hearing from read-ers. Visit her website for updates on new releases and her street team at


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Cover by:  Redbird Designs

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Julia had learned quickly that nothing in life ever goes as planned.  Despite the pain she's experienced in her life, she's ready to move on.  Will she ever find the love she so desperately craves?

Aiden is finally ready to face his demons.  He heads back to Chicago but he gets more than he bargained for.  Can he ever escape the past and be happy?

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”
 I plastered a smile on my face and shook the hand of the person in front of me. “Thank you.” She let go of my hand and scurried off to a group nearby. I had no idea who she was or how she knew my father. I didn’t care. I was just grateful she didn’t go on and on about what a great man my father was. I hated pretending he was a great man and a great He played the part perfectly - the widower raising a daughter all on his own and building a successful business.
I glanced over at my father lying in the casket trying to feel something - some sort of shred of sadness, but I couldn’t. It bothered me that I didn’t mourn his loss at all. Maybe I was really his daughter, turning into a cold-hearted human being just like him. Hell, he’d probably be proud. I found myself fighting back a giggle at the thought and felt a hand at the small of my back. I turned around to find Patrick standing behind me.
 “Are you okay, Julia?” He leaned in, his eyebrows furrowed. I clenched my hands in frustration at my sides and took a deep breath. “I’m fine and I wish you would leave me alone,” I whispered.
“You need me right now,” he said firmly. I wasn’t sure who he thought he was trying to convince. If anything, I needed to be as far away from him as I could get. That was the whole reason I left Chicago in the first place. I was about to argue with him when some of my father’s clients came up to us. I narrowed my eyes at Patrick as if to tell him this conversation wasn’t finished. I almost threw up with the way he schmoozed the gentleman. My father had groomed him well to be his successor.
 “He’s like a mini version of your father,” my best friend Sophia muttered. “I know.” I shuddered. “To think I almost married him.”
 “Yeah, you dodged a bullet there.”
We watched him shake hands and talk to the group of men as if they were at a country club and not standing over the casket of a dead man.
 “So, have you heard from Aiden?” She asked, putting her arm through mine as we walked to the ladies room. I was tired from standing in one spot most of the evening and it felt good to stretch my legs. “Why would I?” I swallowed back the tears that threatened to flow.
“It’s not like he had my number or anything. I left before he even had a chance to ask.” Sophia nodded and tucked a lock of blonde hair behind her ear. “There are ways for him to find you if he really wanted to.” She put an arm around my waist and hugged me close.
She was right but I didn’t want to think about it. I knew we were keeping it casual but he said he loved me. If he loved me, why did he let it end this way?

Read Book One
Sunny and 75

Julia had the perfect life...or so she thought. On the eve of her wedding, her world came crashing down on her. She escaped it all, heading out on the trip that was planned as a celebration.

Aiden was living the dream, working as the head bartender at a resort on Punta Cana. Every day, he fights the demons of his past, even in the midst of paradise.

He comes to Julia's rescue one night and after numerous run in, start spending time together. Things get physical quickly, but is there more to their relationship? What happens when Julia has to head back to reality? Will Aiden join her or is he unable to get past the memories back home?
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Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her sexy husband, two girls, and three furbabies. She dabbled in writing right after college but it wasn't until she took up blogging about eight years ago that she started writing seriously. After writing a few boring service pieces for some online publications, she went back to her true passion, fiction. When she's not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found with her nose in a book, camping, or geocaching with her family. She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and 80's hair bands.


 Handle: @ScarlettMetal

BURNED DEEP by Calista Fox My Review

by Calista Fox

My Review

Release Date:  October 6th, 2015

Available for Pre-Order!

Dane captivated Ari from the first moment their eyes locked. Every second thereafter proved they were either fated for love...or devastation.

It was a little scary how my body trembled and my breathing wouldn't return to normal. But I couldn't escape the intensity of our desire for each other--and how vibrant and alive he made me feel. Like I'd merely existed before. Gotten by. Now I was acutely aware of my surroundings. Of myself. Of him. Of every sensation blazing inside me...

Ari DeMille has spent her life focusing on the details and planning down to the minute. Haunted by her parents' ugly divorce, Ari believes the only way to prevent emotional scars is to always maintain control. But when the devastatingly handsome -and powerfully dominant-Dane Bax, her new boss, pushes Ari's boundaries, she must learn to shatter the ties that bind her if she is to sate her newfound desires... But giving into insatiable lust comes with a price. Dane's luxury hotel business is threatened by a consortium of dangerous men who threaten everything Ari holds close. And as the stakes are raised, Ari is treacherously close to losing all control of her life...and her heart.

Get lost in the passion of Burned Deep by Calista Fox.

In the wake of Fifty Shade of Grey, we bring you the first novel in a scintillatingly enticing new series: BURNED DEEP by Calista Fox. An irresistibly sexy relationship between a demure event planner and her powerful, enigmatic boss will rope you into the pages with no escaping until you finish! We will be running a blog tour (Sept 28-Aug 12) and would love for you to be a part of it. Let me know if you’re interested:

“Fell in love with this book from the very first chapter.”
–Night Owl Book Reviews, TOP PICK!

“Fox’s new trilogy starts off with a bang… an impressive picture of two individuals struggling to be honest with themselves and each other in the face of danger.”
−RT Book Reviews

5 Stars are not enough!

This is an amazing love story with all the excitement of a mystery/suspense thriller.  Dane and Ari both fall in love in a breath-taking moment.  No matter how much Ari fights it, she is "burned deep" by the passion and mind boggling emotions they both share.  Neither one has ever felt this way about someone.  As Dane tries to protect Ari from harm, they both fall irrevocably in love.  All that is left is to admit their love, forge a deeper understanding and move ahead fighting the forces that will stop at nothing to get Dane's newest project.

The opening of the private membership resort 10,000 LUX has been Dane's dream.  There is a lot of money riding on this wonder of the world resort and greedy hands cannot stand they are not part of it.  As Dane and Ari prepare for the grand opening, a series of expensive and life-threatening incidents keep occurring.  In the midst of all this turmoil, Dane steps up his courtship of Ari and the love scenes between these two are like a five-alarm fire!

I loved the writing, the plotline, the characters... I loved everything about this book!  The story does not end at the end of this book.  There is more to come and I do not how I will be able to hold on until then!

FORBIDDEN PASSION ... Release Date: October 2, 2015!

Release Date: October 2, 2015!

This Dom is ready to PRE-ORDER!

(Bend To My Will #1)

by Best Selling Author EmilyJaneTrent

Release Date: October 2, 2015

Series Description:
Forbidden Passion is the first book in the Bend To My Will series, a Rinaldi Romance that unfolds over a series of novellas. Jacob Rinaldi made his fortune in wine importing, and he travels the world. He is a billionaire with his choice of women but is obsessed with having Vivienne Lake. This is a steamy romance with BDSM elements. Throughout this hot love story, Jacob faces the darkness that threatens to engulf him. And Vivienne learns the joy of submission while teaching Jacob that love isn’t out of reach.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

***LAST DAY at #99CENTS!*** TOUCHED BY YOU and LEAH'S SEDUCTION Box Sets by Emily Jane Trent

***LAST DAY at #99CENTS!***

by Emily Jane Trent


"Masterfully written..."
A story of desire too powerful to control!



"She (Emily Jane Trent) takes me by the hand and guides 
me through all the intricacies of her complex novels 
and I follow in pure delight."

Friday, September 25, 2015

***LAST 2 DAYS at #99CENTS!*** Touched by You Box Set (Bk #1 - #4) by Emily Jane Trent #SALE ends Sunday! Giveaway!

***LAST 2 DAYS at #99CENTS!***
Touched by You Box Set 
(Books #1 - #4)
by Emily Jane Trent
#SALE ends Sunday!

***LAST 2 DAYS at #99CENTS!***

by Emily Jane Trent 

"Masterfully written..." A story of desire too powerful to control.

#SALE ends Sunday!

Check out the video: 

The Story

Sexy billionaire, Tanner Clarke, knows he is bad for Natalie.
Natalie Baker, a young aspiring fashion designer, loves him from the moment she meets him. Even Tanner’s possessive alpha male, domineering ways don’t make her give up on the only man she will ever love. Tanner and Natalie’s international romance unfolds over 12 novellas in the Touched By You sensual romance series. Each book is a different stage in the relationship, a sensual romance filled with twists and turns.

NEW OFFER: The first 4 books available in a boxed set. They were the original story, and have a happy ending. But don’t be surprised if you want to read all 12. This new adult steamy romance will make you believe in true love!

Dark Desire (Touched By You #1)

Natalie Baker has an unforgettable sexual encounter with wealthy hero, Tanner Clarke. The passion between them ignites a flame that can’t be put out. She discovers her dark desire, and her life will never be the same in this seductive romance.

“There was something in his face. She couldn't think the thought she grasped for. His skin was pale, and she got the impression he wasn't out in the sun much. His baby blue eyes were so bright, they appeared luminous. And his dark brown hair shimmered with auburn highlights, here under the blaring brightness of the lobby. He was just beautiful. She'd never known a man could be beautiful, but he definitely was.”

Naked Submission (Touched By You #2)

Can Natalie submit to Tanner? The sex is hot. But she doesn’t understand her own desires anymore. Good or bad, she cannot leave the only man that can make her feel that way. Her submission affects Tanner, deeply. But will he admit to love?

“Natalie felt the heat of desire flood her body. She wanted to tell him he couldn’t bully her, but was unable to look at him, without wanting him. If he touched her, she wouldn’t be able to deny him. She thought of many things she could say. Instead, she just stood there, looking into his blue eyes, and feeling her body melt.”

The Heart’s Domination (Touched By You #3)

Natalie gave her body, but he took her heart. Does she have his? Will her love be enough for both of them? The sex gets hotter, and Tanner just might get burned.

“A white rose lay on the table beside Natalie. Swept up in the moment, Tanner had purchased the single rose from a street vendor, and presented it to her with a gallant bow. The gift signified the magic of their time together, a fairytale she never wanted to end. He didn’t only dominate her body, he dominated her heart. Alone and relaxed, looking out at the view, Natalie felt like she was in a storybook setting. Tanner chatted, and they laughed together, about silly things. Nothing that was important. He was just like any man one might fall in love with. Yet, he wasn’t.”

Bound By Love (Touched By You #4)

Natalie’s submission has Tanner’s desire spiraling out of control. She’s in touch with sexual pleasures she never dreamed of, and can’t imagine life without him. Tanner admits to his obsession with Natalie, but is that all it is?

“I never met a woman I crave, like I crave you. It’s not so much what we do, as how we do it. There are no words. It’s different with you. You excite me, and sometimes I fear I will lose control,” Tanner admitted. A desperate look came over his normally reserved features, and Natalie stopped breathing.

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About the Author 

Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart. She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you'll get to know and love. If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you'll find her books are for you. 
Follow on Twitter: @EmilyJaneTrent



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RIVAL SEDUCTION (Cover to Cover Series, Book 6) by Alexandrea Weis Blog Tour, New Release and Review



(Cover to Cover Series, Book 6) 

by Alexandrea Weis


Strong-willed, independent, and competitive as hell, Heather Phillips isn’t going to let anyone beat her in the show ring … that is until Grant Crowley started taking away her blue ribbons. A wealthy cattle rancher with an attitude and taste for beautiful women, Grant is the only person who ever made Heather feel second best. Yet she is determined to beat him, no matter the cost. When an accident brings the two rivals together, their heated dislike has to be put on hold. Outside of the show ring, they slowly get to know each other. But what happens when these passionate competitors discover a different kind of spark? Will Heather use what she learns about Grant to take advantage of him in the ring, so she can be number one?

Winning can mean everything until something sexier comes along.


Scurrying down the short entrance hall done in brown stone and decorative plaster inlay, she placed her hand on the brass door handle, punched in the alarm code on the panel to her left, and put a saccharin smile on her face. But when she yanked the heavy door open, it was not her elderly neighbor standing there with yet another casserole, it was Grant. His long arms were stretched out, gripping either side of the doorframe around the entrance. His blue button-down shirt was open halfway, and his gray slacks looked a little wrinkled. His amber eyes were drawn together, and his thin lips were pulled back in a displeased scowl. “Why did you leave?” His voice was saturated with anger. Heather tugged at the collar of her robe. “I thought it was better this way.” He furrowed his brow. “Better for whom? Because it sure wasn’t better for me. I didn’t like waking up to find you gone.” He bounded in the door. “Don’t do it again.” “Hey, wait a minute,” she fussed as he rushed past her. He stood in the hallway, analyzing the decor. “We’re going to have a little chat.” “A chat?” The loud whack of the front door closing resonated around them. “How did you get my address, and my cell phone number for that matter? What are you, some kind of stalker?” “It’s in your employment record at Lewisville Medical.” She came up to him, fuming. “You talked to Ben, didn’t you?” His eyes traveled the curves of her robe. “Of course not. I called your hospital administrator, Tim Wellborn. I told him I wanted to thank you for all the personal care you gave me.” “You manipulative bastard.” He inched closer. “Why did you leave this morning?” She marched past him and into her living room, trying to formulate an answer that would appease him and sound somewhat reasonable. At the white sofa, she stopped and faced him, shoving her damp hair aside. “You know why I left. You have Vanessa and I—I have Ben. Last night was just one of those things that can never be repeated.” He barreled up to her, glaring into her eyes. “Bullshit. You know last night was a hell of a lot more than that.” She tossed her hand in the air. “You’re practically engaged, Grant.” “Do you honestly think I can marry her after last night?” “That’s what your father wants, right? Don’t you always do what he wants?” The fire in his eyes scared the crap out of her. She knew he was capable of real rage, she had seen it in the show ring, but never had she expected to be in the line of fire. His hands gripped her arms, pulling her against him. His fingers were squeezing into her robe, crushing her flesh. “Don’t ever speak to me like that again,” he snarled. “You have no idea what….” He went quiet. His face was inches from hers. She could feel his hot breath on her lips. “Tell me to go away and I will.” She mustered the strength to ask him to leave, but could not form the words. Having him so close was setting off a firestorm of desire. She ached for him … she longed for one more night naked in his arms. He pushed her away. “That’s what I figured.” He untied the belt of her robe and slowly slipped it through the loops as Heather held on to the lapels. Wrapping the thick piece of terrycloth about his right hand, he then lowered her hands from the robe. “You can’t push me away, not without consequences, Heather.” Her stomach balled into a knot. “What consequences?”

Amazing love story full of passion.  

Stubborn and arrogant was her first impression of Grant Crowley.  Then she looked into his eyes and saw fire and ice.  Yep! Heather could fight the attraction all she wanted but this man with just one look, could turn her insides into knots.
I love this kind of stories where the alpha male appears to be cold and controlled but is keeping his true soul hidden behind the mask of coldness.  Like Heather, it does something to me.

They are both stubborn, holding to their control in fear of being hurt.  Although from different experiences, they both have experienced the ultimate betrayal by a parent who would not show weakness or affection.

I read this book in one sitting because I could not put it down.  The competition, the attraction, and the passion just oozes from these pages.

I love the directness of the writing.  No nonsense but with all the clear description of all the emotions is just for me.  This love affair is definitely one to remember!

About the Author
Alexandrea Weis is an advanced practice registered nurse who was born and raised in New Orleans. Having been brought up in the motion picture industry, she learned to tell stories from a different perspective and began writing at the age of eight. Infusing the rich tapestry of her hometown into her award-winning novels, she believes that creating vivid characters makes a story memorable. A permitted/certified wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, Weis rescues orphaned and injured wildlife. She lives with her husband and pets in New Orleans.


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