Tuesday, June 28, 2016

WICKED Series: Nexus, Book 4 by Lainie Suzanne is here!


Series: Nexus, Book 4 

by Lainie Suzanne 


Genre: Erotica/BDSM 

Release Date: June 28, 2016



CHARLOTTE and EDWARD You know them. You envy them. You secretly crave to be WITH them. They are WICKED!

Discover the lascivious and tantalizing journey of Charlotte and Edward and how they became the Dynamic Duo of Nexus.


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 NEXUS ... the name as intriguing as what actually goes on in this sex club.

Charlie is trying to come to terms with her desires and inclinations.  After having been "trained" with her friend with benefits Donovan, the time has come to introduce her to Isaac and begin her training as a "switch".  Not only is she capable of submission, but she is also inclined to be a Domme.  She is a rare and unique gift to whomever she picks as a partner.

But that is the problem, isn't it ?   She is not ready to involve herself with anyone.  Until she meets Edward.  Once she meets him, she knows down to her core, she is in trouble.

This book is the icing on the cake.  All our Nexus friends are there.  Charlie and Edwards relationship, as complex as it is, is the wonderful cherry on top!

NEXUS – The Core of Erotic Desires – Nexus Series # 1
SOLEIL - The Nexus Series #2

DECEIT ~ The Nexus Series #3

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