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Hooked Up 1 by Arianne Richmonde The dual POV of the Pearl Series will entice you as you read this fabulous story of love.

 Hooked Up 1
by  Arianne Richmonde
Genre: Erotic/Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Arianne Richmonde
Photography: Konradbak 
 Release Date: December 28, 2015

(Available FREE to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers)

I believed in sex, once upon a time. And passion. But now my life as a single, divorced career girl living alone in New York City was all about work. I hadn't had a date in years.

But then he came along . . . Alexandre Chevalier. The French CEO billionaire of HookedUp, the social media phenomenon that had taken the world by storm.
He was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen, and with eyes so green they seared into my soul.
Like a flash of lighting he struck me down . . . his touch was electric, and I knew my life was irrevocably changed. I'd never be the same again.

He awakened every fiber of my being, ignited every cell in my body.
And just when I thought things couldn't be more perfect . . .
It all came crashing down.


I'd had it with all the crazy women in my life: the models, the movie stars, even my power-hungry sister and business partner. If you'd had a past like mine, you'd understand.
I just wanted a normal relationship with a normal woman . . .

And then I met her . . . Pearl Robinson.
She was perfect for me.
Or so I thought.
But I was in for a shocking surprise when I found out the truth . . .
Of who she really was. 


HOOKED UP is a series of three, full-length novels averaging 300+ print pages each, to be released at intervals of one month and three weeks.

Disclaimer: If your e-reader should melt while reading this series, the author cannot be held responsible.

Pearl fans take note: this is a new, re-edited version of the Pearl books, told in dual POV throughout. The series is primarily for NEW readers, or those who would like to immerse themselves, once again, in Pearl and Alexandre's passionate love story, so please do not expect a new storyline.

I will never get tired of this story!  Now with the release of Hooked Up, we get both points of views as the story unfurls.  Nothing can be better!

This is a mature romance between a 40 yr old woman and a 25 yr old man. It is a hurricane of emotions with than a touch of dominance. Their physical love is engrossing and HOT! Sparks fly from the moment they meet with an undeniable chemistry that attracts both to pursue where these emotions will take them.

Being a woman over 40, ahem, I was immediately drawn to this love affair.  There is more than orgasms to build a relationship between a woman of this age and young man of 25.  Yet, Alexandre is not your typical 25-year-old.  He is savvy in the ways of love, in business, and what the correct priorities are in his life.  He understands how skittish Pearl is with their age difference and the lack of trust that sways her. He is a master at strategizing winning her heart and you will fall in love him in the process.

This book is well written, with characters well defined where you become so involved it plays in your mind like a movie. A MUST READ! About time someone wrote a love story of a 40 yr old woman. She is old enough to appreciate the affair. At her age let no one say that feelings and passion cannot consume you. These two are on FIRE! I could not put this book down.

You are a talented writer Arianne Richmonde, you do not disappoint your readers!

Author Bio

ARIANNE RICHMONDE is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the suspense novel STOLEN GRACE, and The Pearl Series books.

She lives in the French countryside amidst vineyards, with her wonderful French husband, two dogs, two cats, and other creatures that try to sneak their way into their old, stone farmhouse, which the couple restored themselves. On most days, you'll find Arianne cleaning sixteen paws worth of mud off the floors . . . that's when she's not immersed in creating lovable but dysfunctional characters for her novels (and a villain or two), while sipping Bordeaux paired with dark chocolate.

You can join her mailing list to win prizes and receive sneak peaks of her upcoming books: (copy and paste to your browser). Or join her on Facebook: or Twitter: @A_Richmonde - she loves to hear from readers.

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