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IT'S EARLY!! DANIELA'S CRAZY LOVE by Emily Jane Trent is now LIVE!

(Cooper & Daniela)

by Emily Jane Trent


Release Date July 31, 2015

Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Prequel
$.99 at all retailers!

Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Novel
$2.99  SPECIAL  PRICE  for a limited time only!

Daniela Series Description

A Rinaldi Romance

Daniela Rinaldi is the baby sister with 4 older brothers. Now you can read her thrilling romance in two heart-pounding books – Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Prequel (Cooper & Daniela #1) and Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Novel (Cooper & Daniela #2) - an erotic romantic thriller – a standalone story.


In this steamy romance about second chances, Daniela Rinaldi’s first love broke her heart. The high school baseball star Cooper Burke had his sights on a career in the majors, leaving love behind. The devastating breakup hurt Daniela deeply. But even now, she may be unable to resist his charms. When Cooper shows up unexpectedly, he seems to be hiding something. Daniela suspects that he is frightening her for reasons she doesn’t understand. Could Cooper be terrorizing Daniela, or is she imaging it? And if he isn’t, then who is the man in the shadows?


Daniela Rinaldi’s life gets crazy when Cooper Burke shows up. Her heart won’t let her walk away from him, even though she doesn’t believe in second chances. His appearance sets off a series of frightening events that leave Daniela reeling. She doesn’t want to suspect Cooper, but can’t avoid it. Her steamy love affair with the hunky baseball star becomes intertwined with the acts of a stalker who is harassing her. Daniela fears she is being set up for heartbreak, while danger swirls around her. Her true love and the unrelenting stalker might be the same man. Has Cooper been lying to her? Or is he the only man who can save her?


Cooper was the last person she expected to be following her. But there he was, as annoyingly handsome as before. His short brown hair and pale green eyes had not failed to make her want to fall into his arms.

And right then, it was no different. For some reason, her mind couldn’t conceive that he had been gone nearly four years. Quite the opposite—it felt as though time stood still, like he had not left at all. He had been waiting for her, patiently anticipating her next words.

“Cooper…you scared me to death!”


Daniela closed her eyes and rubbed her temple. Cooper. Could it be? He was her former boyfriend. Stalkers were obsessed with their victims. Now Daniela felt that she was the one who was obsessed. Possibly she was making too much out of meaningless occurrences. But she didn’t think so. It might be best to avoid Cooper until she knew for sure.

Yet even thinking it, Daniela knew she wouldn’t follow through. The urge to be with Cooper was overpowering, especially now that they’d reconciled. Was the hot sex clouding her judgment? She might be making a big mistake, one that could cost her life.

He broke her heart when he decided to pursue his career as a baseball player and moved away to California.  Daniela was desolated thinking that baseball was more important to Cooper than the love they shared.  He was her first and only love...and now, years later, who should she stumble upon but him... back in New York!

As I read this prequel, I could feel the frustration and mixed emotions Daniela felt.  She still loved Cooper, but she was so hurt and angry with him, she could not help but not give him the time of day.  Although her attempts to pursue her, her defensive walls are up.  She must protect her heart.

With the strange messages and the eerie feeling that she is being watched and followed, Daniela is terrorized and confused.  You know... that feeling that makes your skin crawl because you just know that something evil is surrounding you?  She cannot pinpoint who is doing this and cannot but wonder why all these things started happening after Cooper came back into her life.

Daniela is sweet and endearing.  You will soon find her to be like your best friend.  Feeling close to her character, the reader cannot avoid feeling the sense of urgency and impending doom that oozes from these pages.  Lucky for us, The Novel that follows this prequel is available now.  I am moving on to reading ito so I can find out who is really after her!  Eeep!!

By now, Daniela knows she has a stalker hounding her.  She cannot talk to Cooper about it because she is not sure if he is the one stalking her.  She loves him and he appears to love her back.  They have so much to clear up before she can trust him again!

She can sense Cooper is keeping things from her.  Then there is that strange guy who works at the Fashion Shows as part of the crew... he is really creepie!  Notes, photographs, text messages ... they are increasing in frequency and number. She is really getting freaked out thinking how to stop him.  She cannot go to the police because she has no proof other than these notes, etc.  What can the police do with just these bits and pieces?

The fear is palpable.  I could not put this book down.  You know how it is... middle of the night, you need to go to sleep and you are thinking "One more chapter!"  I will confess that once the end was near there was no way I was stopping.  I had to find out what happened to Daniela and Cooper.  Let me just say this read like a detective novel with that big chase scene and you know someone is about to die.  Oh, my!  No spoilers here.  Just remember, don't bother to get a manicure before you read this book.  Wait until you finish it so it won't be ruined.



Emily Jane Trent is a true romantic at heart. She writes steamy romantic stories about characters you'll get to know and love. If you like a love story with sex scenes that sizzle and a story that involves you both intellectually and emotionally, you'll find her books are for you.

Emily writes romance that brings out the depth of the characters and leads you to the happy ending - but not without emotional roller coasters along the way.

You can find details as well as other insight into this author at:

Twitter: @emilyjanetrent

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