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Seduced By The Senator (DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS Book 1) by Alex Elliott New Release and Review

Seduced By The Senator 

by Alex Elliott 
Release Date: January 14, 2015

What’s your dirty little secret?
For Xavia Kennedy it was freedom. Escape from a pastel painted life ruled by an American dynasty and headed by a formidable foe. One wanted to escape. Her family. X has a plan. Get serious and get the hell out of Bean Town. Away from the pretty people and boring as hell lives.
Then she met him. Smooth talking and gorgeous. All it took was a dim hall.
He called their hook-up a mistake.
No problem. She walked away without a name, just an impression. That was the hottest sex she’d had minus the actual sex. After one Nantucket party too many, Xavia ends up cutting bait and heading to D.C. She hops aboard the crazy train as the newest intern to Bennett Stone.

Or Senator Stone as he’s known on the Hill. He’s more than Cosmo’s sexiest congressman. He’s complicated. A mystery.
Ben doesn’t date. He’s got his own dirty secrets.
But where X is concerned, there’s one he’s willing to share.
If she agrees to his terms.
In his bed, it’s way. All she needs to do is learn to stop arguing.

Impossible when she finds out the connection they share runs too deep to put aside, and she begins to fear the secret under the secret that’s left unsaid.

Over 93,000 reads and over 775 reviews received on fan-dom sites.

OOOOOHHHH! This book is a marvelous Dirty Little Secret!! It is erotic, with a well thought out and complex plot line, and full of intelligent mischief. It is well written and with characters that can both entertain us and make us feel connected to.

I can see that this is going to be a series to blow my mind. There are so many possibilities here in which the plot can expand and weave. I am absolutely and positively in love with Bennett! I sense a deeply complex character I am itching to know more about.

Our female main character, Xavia, is not only intelligent and independent, but a strong woman fighting for the freedom to forge her own destiny away from her overbearing and controlling family. She is a strong character perfectly matched to our Senator's Dom personality.

Christian Grey move over! Senator Bennett has arrived in full force!

About the Author

Writer. Dreamer. Liar. Engineer. Motocross Racer. Is that enough? Never.

I've worked in D.C., lived in Virginia, and left... but not the stories, impressions, and ideas of what it would be like to weave dark twisted passion into fiction.

If you have an opinion. Let me know. The more off-the-wall, the better.

Coming Soon 

(Dirty Little Secrets Book 2)
Release Date: February 2015
Back in D.C. and operating under the wire, Senator Stone introduces Xavia 'X' Kennedy to the lifestyle both on the Hill and at the 'House.'

What starts out as the doorway to erotic carnal hardcore encounters becomes smoke and mirrors. The House or Clubhouse is a hedonistic playground for the Capitol elite. Run by seven congressmen, it's private and anything and everything goes.

Except Bennett isn't in to sharing X. But with a submissive auction and contract executed, he's broken a few rules and brokered the attention of more than a few powerful people who don't dick around.

When the press gets wind of a scandal, they're cutthroat in unleashing an expose where X gets caught in the crossfire and the eagle has landed takes on dark, twisted connotations.

Find out what happens in this second installment of Dirty Little Secrets where X and Bennett are forced to deal with the painful past in order to outrun those in power, forging a deeper if not darker connection.

Book 3 Affianced To The Veep releases Summer 2015
Book 4 The House on The Hill due out late in 2015

Master of the Hill~Monday releases in Feb. 2015 with Troy Shepard and Alicia Cruz tearing up the stage at the House.

(Dirty Little Secrets Book 3)

Release Date:  Summer 2015
A landslide victory for Bennett and it’s time to relax in the Caribbean. Mix Veep business with pleasure until X goes missing. After negotiations with rebels fail to rescue Xavia, from bankrolling secrets, Bennett is forced to reestablish ties to his past as a last resort. 
Uncovering the face of debauchery and a set of sadistic plans drives him to unleash the darkest side—the capped violent streak he's kept locked away.
In a cat-n-mouse game, the kidnapper proposes a brutal quest, and Ben will do whatever it takes to save X… even if it means sacrificing himself.

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