Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celebrate With AYWR | One Year Blog Anniversary!

Celebrate With Us Our
One Year Blog Anniversary!

Over the past year we have grown tremendously!  The number of followers have exceeded our expectations and we've had a blast sharing our love for the books with reviews and authors we adore.  We've met and fell in love with so many new authors over the past year.  Most we never would have met if it was not for starting AYWR in December of 2012.  Our Official One Year Anniversary should be the 24th but to me it will always be the 28th of December.  That would be the day that AYWR published our first spotlight & review for Finding Summerland by Paige Bleu.

On top of the growth of our followers we have also grown in number of contributors to our blog.  We would not be able to do all we have done without their help over the past year.  I would like to personally thank these amazing ladies for doing such a wonderful job - Len, Tina, Josselyn, Amanda, Lynn, Sarah, Cheree and Lauren.  Without you ladies this blog would not be near what it is today.  Whether they have submit a review, put together a blog post for the first time or signed up for cover reveals, release events, tours to help support the authors they want to support. There's no doubt about it these ladies are and will always be a part of As You Wish Reviews.

Since December 28, 2012 we have published 788 posts including this one. At a minimum we have had at least one post each day if more on some days.  To be able to support so many amazing authors over the past year is great! I am so excited to be going into the new year with a wonderful bunch of lovely ladies as well.  We have so much planned and cannot wait to share it with our followers.

As a reward to our followers and authors that we have supported over the past year we are hosting a giveaway!  Yes that's right we love our giveaways and this one is especially for you!  A one of a kind small tote bag is up for grabs!  Thank you for all the support & love over the past year.  What are you waiting for?  Enter the giveaway below!

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Let's get fired up for IndieGirl CON 2014!!!

The #AsYouWish Sisters' are excited to announce the Official Snapshot Scavenger Hunt at IndieGirl CON 2014 Event.

Are you attending? Do you have a camera phone & Twitter account? Want a chance to win some Incredible IndieGirl CON prizes? There's no doubt about know you do! Sign up below for the snapshot scavenger hunt taking place in and around Cypress Hall in Charleston, South Carolina.

Teams must register online before the event to participate. The cut of time to register is Friday, February 7th. All registered teams will receive their scavenger hunt list and instructions by email no later than Monday, February 10th. So make sure to get your team together & registered now!

You can sign up by clicking the link below:


Snapshot Scavenger Hunt:
  1. Teams must consist of 3-4 members
  2. Scavenger list and instructions will be sent to all registered teams on Monday, February 10th and we will also have copies made available at the IndieGirl CON Registration.
  3. Teams will have until Ending Announcements at 2PM Saturday, February 22nd to finish collecting and uploading your snapshots to Twitter.
  4. Your team will be responsible for finding and getting your snapshot of at least 2-3 members of the team with the item(s) listed.
  5. You do not have to snap all your shots in the same day but we recommend not waiting till the last minute!
  6. Be creative, have fun and take care!
  7. Once your team has snapped the shot it should be uploaded to twitter to be counted as a point. *See Uploading to Twitter Instructions
Uploading to Twitter Instructions:
  • All pictures MUST be hashtagged appropriately to be considered as an entry when uploading to Twitter. MUST use #SweetheartsOfSwoon and your team #hashtag that your team registered online with. At the end of the Snapshot Scavenger Hunt we will use these hashtags to add up the points for each team. If you do not properly title & tag each picture it will not be considered for the point. So remember these four things when tweeting - #SweetheartsOfSwoon #TeamName Scavenger Hunt Item Number & Photo.
  • IMPORTANT: Twitter account MUST be public, so that when we search for the tweets to count up the team points we are able to view them.
  • At the end of the event the points will be counted based on the #TeamHashTag and then recorded to determine the three (3) winning teams. *See Awarded Prizes

Awarded Prizes:
  1. Three (3) prizes will be given to the 3 teams that finish all items the fastest, if there are not 3 teams to complete the entire list, then the top 3 teams with the most items completed. In the event of a tie based on the number of items found and posted we will use the twitter time stamp of the last item uploaded to determine which team finished first.
  2. Random prizes will be awarded to team snapshots that are posted making the judges laugh, swoon or do a double take. 


  1. Thanks for the giveaway!! I would love to see more giveaways :) <3

  2. I so wish I could go to Indie Girl Con. It sounds like it will be amazing :)

  3. The posts I would love to see in the upcoming year are definitely book recommendations and of course giveaways are always fun. Book reviews and recommendations from blogs I follow are where I find authors I've never heard of but end up falling in love with.


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