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Tour Stop | The Twisted Truth by Erin Armstrong


Book Title: The Twisted Truth
Author: Erin Armstrong
Release Date: May 30, 2013
Genre: Urban Fiction
Publisher: GMTA Publishing, LLC
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What inspired me to write~

I started writing when I was ten years old. I loved reading and would read the same book over and over again until I got sick of reading it. So when I started to write and realized that I was good at it, I couldn’t stop. I had two and three books going at one time. And then when I got a little older… my imagination got working and I started making up a lot of stories(lied). Anything to make my life seem more interesting and exciting than it really was. And it was good too because everyone believed it! I used such detail for things that were not true that it was unbelievable. It didn’t hit me until I was an adult (and no longer a pathological liar) that I should become a writer. I had always been a dreamer. I daydreamed all the time and still do to this day. And because of that I knew that I could sit down and make all of my stories come to life. I wasn’t always happy that I couldn’t concentrate for longer than five minutes without drifting off but writing gave me a purpose to do that. In a sense, it was a way to be ok with my “ADD” like, spells of daydreaming. There was a purpose. I was writing and it was ok for me to “dream” these things and then write them down and watch them come to life in the coolest way!



Michelle Marshall is a strong independent woman with a lot of baggage. Raped right before the start of her senior year of college, Michelle grows to be a caring, single mother to her daughter. Things begin to look pretty grim when the Charity House, the women's shelter she founded, is on the brink of having to close its doors. That is, until Tyler Austin, a mysterious and handsome stranger comes into the picture. Helping Michelle resuscitate the Charity House, Ty also helps her learn to trust, love and feel what she hasn't in years. Not everything is quite as perfect as Michelle would like though, as occasional hints lead her to believe something is not quite right. Her suspicions are confirmed when even more frightening developments occur and start to become...deadly.


Moving away she noticed that Ty was staring across the street. Michelle turned to see the same black car that had been sitting idle not so long ago.

Stepping outside, Ty’s eyes stayed fixed on the car across the street. He puffed up his chest in an intimidating way. The moment he started to make long strides toward the street, the car that was sitting there sped off, leaving tire marks and white smoke in its departure.

Michelle walked swiftly to the curb where Ty had stopped walking.

“Ty, who was that?”

He turned back to Michelle, his face now back to a more gentle expression. Nobody. I don’t want you to worry about that.”

A moment passed and his phone chimed. Pulling his iPhone out of his pocket, he inspected the screen and stepped away from Michelle as he hit the talk button.

“I have to go, Michelle. I’ll call you tonight.”

He didn’t even give her a chance to wish him good night. Before she could blink, he was already in his car. He took off down the street nearly as fast as the black car had done seconds ago.

Michelle stood there confused. She didn’t know what had gotten Ty so up in arms, but she did have a feeling that it had something to do with the black car.

As Michelle turned to walk back up her driveway, she heard a car pull up. Turning, she saw the same black car. She froze. She couldn’t see who was inside the car, but she knew that they were watching her. Michelle could feel their eyes burning through her.

Just as quickly as the car pulled up, it took off again, this time more slowly than the last. She felt that they were trying to send her a message. Whatever it was, she knew it wasn’t a good one. It was something they wanted her to think about. Maybe something Ty should be thinking about too.

Either way, Michelle couldn’t wait for her parents to get home, because she knew it would not be the last time she would see it. She just wasn’t sure what would happen when she saw it again.
Erin Armstrong graduated from Franklin High School. She currently works for Easter Seals NJ where she assists families with children who are disabled. She has been with the company for three years. With Easter Seals, her goal is to always live by their slogan which is to enable individuals with disabilities of special needs and their families to live, learn, work and play in their communities with equality, dignity, and independence.

There is no greater reward to her than being able to make a difference in these families lives.

At an early age she knew that she wanted to be a writer. Some of her first stories she wrote when she was only ten years old. It wasn’t always easy for her and she struggled to find her niche. She has written several short stories but never published any of them. Eventually she was able to sit down and write down all of her ideas and was finally able to make her dream a reality.

Erin lives at home with husband of five years and her two boys Davien and Cameron. She enjoys spending time with them and watching them grow every day.


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