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Finding Summerland by Paige Bleu

My Guest ~ Paige Bleu 

Excerpt from Finding Summerland

That night as I slipped off to sleep, I thought of Olivia…
I saw us strolling hand in hand in some unknown landscape. It was sublime. Illuminated by crystal clear light. She was smiling softly, cascades of long black curls draping her shoulders. I noticed a delicate golden chain hanging around the crown of her head. A crystal dangling from the center over her forehead. She looked radiant as we continued walking.
Darkness crept in from the distance and she looked suddenly frightened. I pulled her closer as the wind started picking up around us. She started pulling me back from the dark cloud enveloping the shore…closer and closer towards the water. I resisted, pulling her the other direction. It was becoming harder to see, as the sands kicked up and over took the light. It pushed back against us as we fought to hold on.
Her hand slipped out of mine and I couldn’t see her anymore. In a panic…I called out her name over the rumbling shrieks…drowning my cries. I felt myself being swallowed up. All I could think about was her. I sensed a new presence as I closed my eyes and tried to prepare myself for the inevitable.
I recognized the girl from my dream. She held out her hand and beckoned me. I reached out and took it. I felt myself spinning like in a centrifuge, as my equilibrium went haywire and my tongue began salivating. It felt like I was about to hurl. Images flashed in every direction of time and space around me.
When it stopped, I felt a warm glow on my face. I opened my eyes to a blinding sun. The winds had vanished. It was quiet and still. The girl was running away.
“Wait…Please...Wait.” I called out frantically as I chased after her.
“I don’t want to hurt you. Please. Don't run.” I cried out as I watched her disappearing into the low entry of a cave.
She looked back to see if I was following.
I tried to get there before she was gone. As I reached the opening she had crawled through, I felt a strange feeling inside. Like déjà vu and motion sickness all wrapped in one. I proceeded cautiously.
It was dark inside and I tripped over rocks and debris washed in by the tides. I called out to the girl and heard nothing but my own echoes in return. Then I saw a small light floating in one of the caverns. I followed the light and discovered a large open corridor; stalagmites decorating the roof like a palace. There was a series of arches surrounding me like doorways. It reminded me of a labyrinth. I wondered where all the tunnels led.
The girl poked her head out from behind a large rock. I didn’t want to scare her off, so I waited and watched. I could feel her stare burrowing into me. Finally, she began coming my direction. I looked up slowly, watching her studying me. She didn’t say anything yet.
“I’m looking for Olivia.” I said, hopeful she could help me. “Do you know her?”
She didn’t reply, and I wondered if she spoke English. She nodded and turned the other way. When she turned back towards me, I was stunned to see Olivia in her place. As I focused on her eyes, I realized what had happened. The little girl with the haunting eyes was Olivia.
How could this be possible? I was baffled. As I tried to remain in this place, I felt myself becoming aware of my body. No!! I fought myself. I’m not ready to wake up yet. I can’t leave. I needed to stop thinking so much. Reality was interfering. I focused on Olivia’s face and accepted that I was here…this was real. It had to be. And there was a reason I was here now.

Finding Summerland Book Trailer

Thank you Paige for being so wonderful and my first Author Excerpt, Book Trailer and Review!  I adore you for sending me an Excerpt & Book Trailer to use and post here today!  I also want to wish you all the best in your journey to becoming all that you can be.  Keep writing as I will surely keep reading your work!

Review of Finding Summerland 
(The Ameryn Chronicles)

My Review
I was hooked from the beginning of Finding Summerland with the Prologue, it captured my attention and I wanted to know more. I love paranormal genre really and with the slight mystery of what the books ending beholds, it kept me reading wanting to know more. I wanted to know what brought on the intriguing Prologue.

Throughout the book I was interested in the why's most of all.  The book's many characters worried me a bit to begin with because I couldn't keep up with who was who.  About a quarter way through the book I decided not to worry about the simple mention of a character here and there and kept my focus on only the main characters. This helped me in getting through the talk of new characters when they didn't come back and I was able to imagine Paige's amazing story easily and loved every minute of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I am sitting here wondering what happens next and would love to purchase and review the next book so that I may follow the story as it is written by Paige Bleu.

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  1. I was completely honored to be chosen as your 1st guest! It was absolutely my pleasure sweetie!!! I am soooo proud of how awesome you did in setting all this up, and will look forward to watching you in your journey, and visiting you again soon with updates on mine. Totally awesome!!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed being my 1st guest! Thank you so much for your support and hope to have you again, especially for book 2 when it's ready!

  2. What a great page you have Julia.It looks great! You did a great job reviewing and sharing Paige's book! I love that you included her great book trailer. You both should be very pleased with yourself. Love it!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your review on Finding Summerland Julia. Looks like a great read, one of which I will be reading very soon. Excellent post. Awesome book trailer. Interesting sample from Paige Bleu's novel. Love it. Thank you for sharing.


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