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The Spirit of St. Augustine by Doug Dillon

My Guest ~ Doug Dillon

The Spirit of St. Augustine
Have you ever been to St. Augustine, Florida, America’s oldest city? To me, it’s a magical place, just bubbling with the spirits of bygone days. This is especially true at Christmas when the historical district is ablaze with tiny white lights. The Nights of Lights, they call the time from December through January.

It isn’t just the beautiful old buildings, some from the time of the Spanish, that has captured my soul. No, it’s also the ghostly presences arising out of that past that seem to tap you on shoulder, a few even of Native American origins from thousands of years ago.

Oh, yes! Ghost stories abound in this ancient location, as do the ghost tours. By day and by night, guides will walk with you, transport you by tram or hearse, and even take you aboard a sailing ship while telling their tales.

As a former history teacher and writer well experienced in the paranormal, you can see how St. Augustine might hold some appeal for me. But it’s much more than that if you want to know the truth. Seems at times as if that old city is using me to channel its innermost essence. Can I explain what I mean by that exactly? No, not really. Words are often a poor substitute for a felt sense.

What I can tell you is this. I’ve spent weeks on end in St. Augustine, haunting its ancient streets and buildings, doing endless research in the city’s historical society and talking with people—even homeless folks. And the more I do this, the more I know I made the right choice in selecting St. Augustine as the central location for my young adult, paranormal/historical series that I’ve titled, The St. Augustine Trilogy.

In the process, what I also know is that there are no coincidences. My connection to this old city and writing about it in the trilogy was definitely meant to be. What was also meant to be is the linkage now being established between St. Augustine and readers of my series. This includes the wonderful relationship I have established with Julia Hendrix, my friend and assistant who hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I live just north of Orlando.

You see, as I continue to study the paranormal in general, I increasingly perceive reality as endless layers within layers. And when I’m in St. Augustine, it’s as if the city hold a lens up to me so I can look deeper into the nature of existence and the connectivity my work holds for readers. That’s why on the cover of Book I of the trilogy, Sliding Beneath the Surface, I show a picture of an exquisite Chinese puzzle ball with all those multiple layers carved beneath its surface.

What an incredible journey I’m having. Thank you so much for being part of it.
I enjoy every minute of being a part of this incredible journey!  It's such an amazing place you speak of Doug, I will have to figure out a way to visit in the future!  I just love all the photo's you sent to share on my blog today!  So beautiful they all are!  Thank you so much for sharing with us such a wonderful message and post!  I am sure I'll have you back again soon!  Like say Tomorrow!  I'm pleased to announce, with the Kick Off Tour Post for Sliding Beneath the Surface!  Oh yes that was a well surprise, sorry to have let the cat out of the bag!  Onward and upward as you always say!

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